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Flour Tortillas

I know it’s not cool to like flour tortillas. I don’t care, I love them. I would go so far as to say I prefer them to their corny siblings. Lump it into the pile of uncool things I enjoy, like early dinners, certain One Direction [1] songs, and thinking about what foods are or are not cool.

I guess flour tortillas are perceived to be less authentic. I don’t know if that’s true. I don’t know much about the origins or history of tortillas (or the origins or history of their cool status), but I know what I like. I like the more neutral flavor of a good flour tortilla, and its soft and comforting texture.

At Christmas, my brother-in-law sent me a box of grains from Anson Mills—a truly great gift. I ended up on the Anson Mills website which has a pretty stellar collection of recipes, including one for flour tortillas. Ironically, I have only ever made corn tortillas. Less ironically, I am terrible at making them. Like, I am a very, very bad tortilla maker. If I had an abuela, she would not be proud. So it was a gutsy move to tackle another tortilla recipe. But this one taught me that there may be a lot of reasons to love flour tortillas.

The tortillas in question (which were easy to make!) are used in a delicious quesadilla recipe on the Anson Mills site, which is also worth trying. The quesadillas are filled with roasted shallots and tomatoes and pickled jalapenos (they’re especially good). It is the kind of thing we eat for dinner regularly. That plate of food at the top of this post is a very typical weeknight meal at our house. Food bloggers are just like us.

I recognize that one or two of you might not have a bag of Anson Mills Trigo Fuerte Flat Bread Flour [2] on hand, but I still think there are things to learn from the recipe. Avocado oil is a nice fat to use in place of the more traditional lard. I am sure you could get this same technique to work with some all-purpose flour, though likely in different proportions. The recipe suggests you cook the tortillas pale, since they will be fried again when cooking the quesadillas, which I thought was a great suggestion and something I would not have thought of on my own. File it away.

I’m now deep into my box of grains and am a serious Anson Mills convert. The toasted oats are unbelievably delicious, I get excited when I remember they are waiting for me each morning. The farro piccolo is superb, and all of the wheat flours have great flavor. It has been a good reminder of the importance of quality ingredients.

The recipes: