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19 comments to “Caramelized Crepes Filled with Fresh Cheese”

  1. This is a really yummy sounding recipe! I love the cheese in there!

  2. What a fantastic story :-) And caramelized crepes? Yum! We’re opting for home rather than a restaurant this Saturday, so perhaps I’ll have to try these for my pancake-loving partner!

  3. Yum!! These look amazing. Quick question though, why do you need to wait 1 hour – up to 2 days after you put the cheese in it and roll it up? Seems like I might get impatient if I try to make these one morning for brunch! ;) This really isn’t a last minute “let’s throw brunch” together type of recipe, is it.

  4. Hi Tina- It’s definitely not a last minute “let’s throw brunch” together recipe. I am sure you can saute the crepes after filling them if you really would like to, but that doesn’t really change that fact that this isn’t a quick recipe. You still have to rest the batter for at least an hour, and cook the crepes, and assemble the crepes. resting the filled crepes allows the filling to kind of settle in, firm up (so that it doesn’t get as loose when cooked) and the moisture from the filling will help seal the crepe closed.

  5. Ah, I see. Thanks for explaining. I am the cook in the house, so I’m always the one up really early if we want a proper brunch on the weekend :) When I first saw your photo, I thought the final step might be to brown it in the oven. I wonder how that would work.. (not that there’s anything wrong with doing it on the stove like your recipe!). I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely recipe…like the caramelized exterior playing off the cheesy filling. Brunch goodness!

  7. Haha, I feel the same way about going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day. Octavian and I have successfully avoided the Valentine’s Day crowd for five years! Hear hear to dinner at home, especially if cheese-filled crepes are involved.

  8. Home together at Valentine’s with delicious food is indeed a great antidote to all the public displays. And this dish looks amazing. Thank you so much. D

  9. You’ve got me drooling. I could dive into those crepes right now.

  10. You’ve convinced me that I must have these in my life.

    Also, I love this plate–so simple and beautiful. Not to pry, but where did you buy it?

  11. Ah ha! Have been wondering about these since you Instagrammed that glorious photo weeks ago. These do look lovely – A.M. knows her sweet stuff. Happy Valentine’s day Tim + Bryan! Love, Jamland

  12. Is there a difference between these and blintz? I love those and will probably love these too.

  13. These crepes sound so good! You have to love cheese-filled anything (or at least I do). I agree 100% re restaurants on Valentine’s Day. That’s why yesterday we just went to the taqueria for breakfast, and then hid in our house all night long. :)

  14. Going out on Valentine’s Day to me is for the birds–we did it a couple of times too when my husband and I first started dating and the last time we did it, we were at this tiny BYOB and the only other group near us was comprised of single women all dressed in black pounding wine and giving us dirty looks. Ever since then we’ve ditched the restaurant and just make a special dinner at home.

    Crepes have been on my list of things to make in the near future, so clearly I need to try these as soon as possible.

  15. Loved this post. Thank you for all the Detroit recommendations. We live in San Francisco but spend every summer at the lake in Michigan. Will use your recommendations for a fun side trip to Detroit and Ann Arbor. Also, I wanted to tell you that your corn bread is the absolute best. I enjoy your blog so much. Merci bien!

  16. couldn’t agree more – never go out to eat on any holiday…These crepes sound delicious since cheese in dessert is always a draw. I fell in love with cheese flan for dessert while in Madrid but have yet to find the perfect recipe…

  17. These look lovely. I too am excited about cheesy desserts so will have to give these a try!

  18. Oh those crêpes do look lovely! But (sorry that there is a “but”) that’s just not how you make crêpe batter at all. You don’t throw the ingredients in a food processor, and you just don’t pour the batter through a mesh strainer to press through the lumps. I mean, sure you can do all that and still get crêpes in the end, but to me that’s quite a funny way to get there … What I am trying to say is: I believe there is an easier and perhaps more natural approach to this. Combine wet ingredients in that pitcher (or any bowl, really) using a whisk, and then slowly add dry ingredients and incorporate them into the batter using the whisk. Stir/whisk until all lumps are gone. Let the batter rest and proceed with recipe.

  19. hmm, i made these crepes last night and they were a wet, sloppy mess. granted i did use an immersion blender instead of a traditional one, but i can’t imagine how that would make that much of a difference. i ended up adding 1/2 cup flour and 1 tbsp melted butter more, blend, and rest for another hour, which did the trick.