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I recently visited Detroit. It was either snowing or below freezing the entire length of our stay, and yet I had the best time and fell in love with the city. Like all modern cities, Detroit is complicated [1]. It seems impossible to talk about Detroit without acknowledging its struggles, which are certainly evident to visitors. But they’re not what I will think of when I think about this beautiful Rust Belt city. I’ll think about all of the friendly people we met, the beautiful things we saw and the delicious food we ate.  Its coolness and potential seem unmatched in American cities. I can honestly say it was one of the most interesting places I’ve ever visited and I cannot wait to return. It is another reason to love the middle of our country.

We packed a lot into two days, here are some of the highlights:

Rose’s Fine Foods [2] is pretty much my dream restaurant.

Parker Street Market [3] is the perfect neighborhood grocer, and where you can pick up outrageously delicious pies (and cookies) from Sister Pie [4].

Astro Coffee [5] is a great spot to spend a snowy morning.

Gold Cash Gold [6] is the best looking restaurant interior I’ve seen in a while, and the food (pickle-brined chicken!) is outstanding.


Detroit’s famous Eastern Market [7].

Detroit Institute of Bagels [8]—so nice we ate them twice.

Detroit-style pizza from Buddy’s [9] did not disappoint.

The architecture is beautiful, I especially loved the Fisher building [10].

The Detroit Institute of Arts [11] (DIA) was so awesome. The best vibes of any art museum I’ve ever been to—art seemed fun!

Also, they had this painting [12] that I was really into as a kid(?!).

And amazing Diego Rivera Murals!

Belle Isle [13] Conservatory and Aquarium, both so wonderful.

My traveling companion contemplating the city.

And you can’t drive past Ann Arbor without stopping at Zingerman’s [14].

Some more pictures over on Instagram [15].