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11 comments to “#KALE”

  1. I’m obsessed with Anna Jones and this book! It’s so stylish and delicious. I had been wondering why I didn’t see it mentioned much- I guess the fact that it hasn’t been released here yet would explain that (I also have the UK version). I will have to try these kale chips next!

  2. What color/kind of miso?

  3. You can use whatever miso you have here. The darker the miso, the stronger the flavor. I used a red. It you want something milder you can use white or yellow (or less red), up to you.

  4. This is 2015 and we are over kale! Just kidding. I recently made “Bread-free Cauliflower Grilled Cheese”. While it was delicious, it left me craving a “normal” grilled cheese sandwich, which I guiltily waited two days to make.

  5. I have probably made more than my fair share of weirdo vegan recipes. Someone has to try them though, no? Once I even made my own non-dairy mozzarella cheese to put on pizza and washed about a ton of flour to make animal shaped seitan nuggets for my little brother only to have them totally blow up during cooking and thus looking more like deformed zombies. I tried.

    Now this book looks interesting. I’m all about the Brits, always. I’m sorry to say I dislike the sound of kale chips though (don’t they taste like burnt paper?) but now that kale finally made its way into Swiss supermarkets (no, apparently we didn’t know about it until 2015) I might need to give them a try. Promise they’re delicious?

  6. Nora- I can’t promise they’ll be delicious to you. But I can say that, generally speaking, I don’t love kale. And I really, really liked these chips. I’ve generally been okay with the chip form of kale. Might be worth trying? : )

  7. I live in Egypt and was poking around my veg vendor the other day when I spotted a strange green substance. Thinking it was some local green, I picked it up and the vendor guy said to me proudly, “kale, for the Americans!” Kale is officially out of control. Now if only I could get miso…

  8. I know! I know! So awesome. (Although I also have to give a shout out to the Veganomicon for awesome vegan-ness and fabulous sense of humor.) I eat meat, but when such wonderful foods can be made with a vegan approach, I’d be a fool not to try them. Maybe that puts me in the Ottelenghi club, which by measure is a pretty fine place to be. Now I’m off to put this in my online cart….

  9. When I read “vegan olive shake” I clicked on it expecting some kind of wacky savory smoothie. I’m actually much more intrigued seeing it as a topping you would shake on to something like you would parmesan.

  10. I luuuuurve kale chips they are just such a simple snack that I can totally binge on and be OK!

  11. My goodness, Kale seems to be everywhere but curiously enough the “craze” hasn’t caught on in England. But as when America sneezes we catch a cold, i’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before we swap our spinach with some kale :)

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