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22 comments to “Black Pepper Grapefruit Meringue Pie”

  1. Love these food quiz interviews. :) I think Lisa needs to collab on a Bon Appetempt dance video!

  2. Ileana- I would love to see an Amelia and Lisa dance collaboration!

  3. I second loving the food quiz interviews! And I also love how the instructions for this delicious looking pie are almost as long as the rest of the post. A dream come true for someone who reads recipes for pure joy.

  4. Hell yeah! I’ve been eyeing Sister Pie and hope to make it up there when I’m in Ann Arbor next month– glad to know it’s got your stamp of approval. Grapefruit-Black Pepper Meringue is a great combo too– I made Rachel Khoo’s Grapefruit & Pepper Meringue Tartlets (with essentially a cookie crust) a while back and they were real winners.

  5. Is it tacky of me to want to make the grapefruit layer pink? I’m trying to decide if a bit if blood orange or beet would do it and either not change it or work together well… Don’t judge me.

  6. Emily! Yes, go! You have to. Also, have you been to Rose’s Fine Foods? I really loved that place.

    Shannon- Not tacky, but just use red food coloring. A little chemicals never hurt anyone (yes they did). But you’d have to add too much of the other kinds of juice to this and it would muck up the flavor. But if you try and get it to work, let us know!

  7. This post gives me energy!

  8. I haven’t been to Rose’s but I’ve heard a lot of good things! I’ll put that on my list too. Of course, I gotta go get my usual sandwich & new pickle at Zingerman’s…

  9. Wow, this looks amazing. Love, love creative new spins on the classics.

  10. Your pie is gorgeous. I need to make this while grapefruits are still in their prime.

  11. Hi Tim–I really like that you added lemon to this. When making drinks, I’ve been finding grapefruits plenty bitter but not sour enough, so always blend with lemon or lime.

    Question: can you recommend good wine bars in Chicago? I lived there for 6 years a few years back, but haven’t been back in a while, so am out of the loop. Curious if you have thoughts!

  12. Wow…talk about a combination I’ve never thought of before. Sounds amazing and the interview was charming. Thanks!

  13. Hey Tim- Sorry to have missed this comment and just be responding now. But honestly, I can’t be of much help here. I never seek out wine bars, and your experiences are probably as current as mine. But if you’re back in town and find places you like, let the rest of us know!

  14. Do you know why the recipe calls for the egg whites to be heated before they’re whipped? Is it a salmonella thing? I’m just curious, as I’ve never seen that before.

  15. No problem, and sure will, Tim. I’ve only heard good things about Webster’s, in case you need a reco in the future.

  16. Just following up…and so, I didn’t make it to Webster’s, but a little more up your alley might be Analogue in Logan Square. Full disclosure: I’m friends with the owner and his wife. Everything I had was actually spectacular. One of those makes-everything-in-house places, but they don’t hit you over the head with it.

  17. A Pakistani friend introduced me to freshly ground black pepper on my grapefruit in college. I love the flavor combination! Very excited to see someone else using it.

  18. Lindsay says:

    May 8th, 2015 at 2:27 pm

    So….I have an abundance of rhubarb at the moment. Do you think I could make this as a basic rhubarb pie (add in some pepper with the rhubarb), and top with meringue? Or, do you have a rhubarb curd/filling that you would recommend?

  19. I love the quiz interview! :) I would to give this pie a try. I mean just by reading this post, it’s getting interesting for me. And I love meringue pie! Sweet and fruity in this case :)

  20. Hi Tim! I’m making 4 pies for Thanksgiving– pumpkin, cranberry pecan crumble, chocolate cream, and….I can’t decide. I want one more on the fruity side and keep coming back to this. A year and a half later, are you still excited about it??

  21. Nuala- I have to insist that you make a sour cream dutch apple pie. http://www.lottieanddoof.com/2013/08/hoosier-mama/ It remains my absolute favorite thing. (though this grapefruit pie is great, too. but the apple….)

  22. If you insist!