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9 comments to “Radishes”

  1. Gorgeous. Simple. Delicious. It doesn’t get much better. Thank you so much. D

  2. Seriously cute. These would be great for a party!

  3. These are exactly what I want to eat on a hot summer afternoon, preferably with some chilled rose. Sometimes the simplest things are just the best.

  4. That is really awesome.

  5. These look so pretty that you’re making this girl who doesn’t like butter (I know, I know) want to try them.

  6. I have a huge batch of sexy little french radishes coming up in my garden. I love the chilled butter and salt approach. Sometimes I think there is nothing new when looking at blogs and then I find that there really is. Thanks for the fantastic idea.

  7. Ohhhhh – so pretty! They remind me of Dad’s buttered radish sandwiches. :)

  8. Those might not be your best work, but they are damned cute! Simple, perfect party recipe!

  9. Amazing! I have recently started loving radishes so will have to give them a go.