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20 comments to “Talking and Not Talking”

  1. H/T for the Best in Show reference there. Also, everything you said about the election, right down to the evil vagina thing – bullseye. And of course, yay for soup. Always. xx

  2. also, not h/t, but thumbs up. i’m not sure why i wrote h/t… as i just said to my colleague, i’m losing my mind.

  3. oof, following the U.S. election has seriously been like watching a circus for me (I’m Canadian) and it’s hard to think that some of these people are for real…soup should at least help for a little bit…at least for a few more weeks! haha

  4. my favorite soup, and my feelings exactly about this election. more reasons to love you

  5. Been doing a lot of cooking with leeks lately, so I’m glad to have this recipe. And yes, this election season is brutal, ugly, and downright scary.

  6. You summed up the election perfectly, exactly how I feel, and you made my day letting me know I (and hubby) are not alone with this assessment! Soup looks delicious, I will give it a try.

  7. Love potato soup…time to do it with leeks, nice recipe. I despise election years…but this is the first time I actually feel terrified at the possibilities. Thank God my freezer is stocked with Minestrone Soup.

  8. I hear you Tim. Thanks for searching and creating common ground. Your soup looks awesome and perfect for right now. D

  9. Yes! I second all of the previous comments. This race is so ugly and desperate on both sides. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in these thoughts because that fb feed can really make you feel like an island. This has brightened my day. Thanks!

  10. Leslie B. says:

    March 2nd, 2016 at 7:57 pm

    Soup! The great unifier! Thanks for the much needed chuckle.

  11. iam really done with the liberals. they voted for Obama and
    now you guys want Hilary of Bernie. Get real. you did got. .
    8 years of Obama what a mess and i am democrat !

  12. Us liberals are the worst, Gai! Best stay clear!

  13. Believe it or not, soup is a divisive issue in my household (I love it, the other two members believe ramen is the only soup worth eating). But we agree on politics!

  14. Cheers! Amen! Hoorah! I’m right there with you. It’s a sad state of affairs on social media, TV, radio, etc., etc. Hopefully we’ll have a miracle candidate come out of no where and save us all. Until then… soup!

  15. Soup looks tasty, but who made the bowls? Love them!

  16. I’ve been yelling at the tv (and my phone and at the work lunch table and in my car listening to the radio) a lot too. Cheers to surviving the summer

  17. Great post title, Tim, and I agree — soup can sometimes be the one common denominator. I try not to watch television, lest I scare the kiddos with my yelling :/

  18. Thank you for the wonderful recipe, photos, and your sincere thoughts on this shit show we can an election. I agree with you 1000% on both the horror of the rise of white supremacy (normalization of it anyway) fomented by the Trump campaign and the flagrant misogyny, often on the part of “liberals” regarding Hillary Clinton’s run. God help us. Soup sounds good right now.

  19. I’ve been feeling an equal amount of sadness at the situation. It seems so much optimism from 8 years ago has now been replaced with hatred and even violence. I think we all need a little more creamy, comforting soup and less politics.

  20. Thanks for your thoughts. I personally have had to scale back my NPR and TV watching the anxiety is is getting overwhelming. The soup looks fantastic and with some cold weather coming I will make it this weekend thank you!

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