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21 comments to “Digest: Charred Cucumbers and Pepperoni Pizza”


  2. Judi- These recipes are both even better if you add rose water.

  3. Tim, every time I see that tv ad featuring the food-truck owner putting pb & j on a triscuit, then loading it up with lemon zest, I think of you. 😬

  4. my two cent’s worth : sweet mimicks the feeling of love, you must be lovimg yourself enough. Sounds good.

    I’m definitely going to give your cucumbers a go.

  5. Just made the charred Persian cukes…..WOWZA! So good! Who’da thunk it?
    I made a tahini pomegranate mollasses crema. Thanks for posting Tim.

  6. PS now every time I sprinkle lemon zest on something, you pop into my head!
    The same will now happen for that awful rose water (which is so bad, btw). :)

  7. omg that pizza is based on my ALL TIME FAVORITE from Prince st pizza in NYC….must make immediately!! also, charred cucumbers – who would have thought?! will have to give that one a try too!! :D

  8. Need this nauw!

  9. That pizza… seriously… the best…

  10. Those crispy pepperoni, though..

  11. Shiv saw this picture and said “Mama, let’s make THAT for pizza night next time.” And so we shall!

  12. Charred cucumbers? What a genius idea. I will definitely try this.

    And as for that gorgeous pizza? I loathe pepperoni, and even I want to eat it.

    P.S. I second the person who thinks of you every time I see that stupid Triscuit commercial. Yuck. Who the hell puts lemon zest on PB&J?

  13. That pizza looks excellent!

    p.s. I finally took up your recommendation to visit Yusho on a recent visit to Chicago and it was my favorite meal of the weekend. Thank you!

  14. Phew, massively relieved the pizza has no cucumber in it, charred or otherwise. Looks delish. I feel like for an alternative crema you could do tahini + lemon + garlic, perhaps thinned with some water?

  15. We made it; it tasted like my childhood, like roller skating birthday parties & happiness. Shiv loved it, too. We’re making it again this Friday!

  16. Made the cucumbers (with kirby or something like that, since that was what I could find) this week and the pizza a couple of weeks ago. Both were first-rate. Will have to wait awhile before I make the pizza again (so much cheese!), but I plan on charring some more cukes soon.

  17. I’ll take the pepperoni pizza anytime. I didn’t know cucumber can be charred. Interesting recipe.

  18. Tim! Have you heard of Grandma Pie? Just search bon appetit grandma pie for more ideas. I love pizza like this, and it is so easy and so delicious. I’m bringing one to a friend’s place on Saturday for dinner, and that’s the entirely of our plans.

    I don’t know the rose water joke but that just made me throw up a little bit.

  19. schneiderluvsdoof says:

    September 27th, 2016 at 8:47 am

    You just blew my mind with these charred cucumbers. It’s really that easy? Will be making these right away.

  20. The charred cucumbers. GAME CHANGER. “The char turns them into proper vegetables” was the perfect way to describe this. I also threw in some tomatoes and topped with a little feta and it was delightful. Thanks so much for yet another great recipe!

  21. When I was 11, 53 years ago, our family drove from Colorado Springs to San Francisco. We saw lots of things – the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest,the edge of Las Vegas… we went to Chinatown and I bought a wee Chinese cookbook. Back home I made a Chinese meal – duck was on the menu, but what I really remember was a dish called Slices of the Moon. Cucumber slices pressed thin, dipped in oil and sesame seeds and fried. Thank you for reminding me. God I was a weird child!

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