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35 comments to “Victories, Large and Small”

  1. Omg that’s how my mom talks! “I made you a nice salad.” Love love love. Can’t wait to try this.

  2. This cookbook looks like it was made for me (i.e. I would love to have more small victories in the kitchen). :)

  3. This looks fabulous, and like a lasagna with my favourite things (I love making pasta, and lashings of mozzarella), and without any of the things I don’t like or can’t eat.

    Will be making this for dinner this week, with a view of ordering the book.

  4. I was ready to buy this book before I saw this recipe. Now it’s imperative I have it!

  5. This cookbook is everything! Making the Green Beans with Pork, Ginger and Red Chile this evening. Hoping to make it on the 14th. Is it a faux pas to bring the book you already bought to be signed?

  6. Can’t wait to read through this books…sounds wonderful!

  7. I bought her book, and already made her chocolate cake, which was divine. I highly recommend refrigerating it as she suggested, and I made the vanilla variation on the frosting for the filling and use the chocolate to frost the cake.

    I don’t have a pasta maker – would you recommend lasagna if I had to use store-bought noodles? Thank you!

  8. Hi Sally! If you are feeling brave, I would try rolling out the dough with a rolling pin. I think it will be okay and I think it will be easy enough to get thin. Use the minimum flour required to prevent sticking and then dust off excess flour. You don’t want it too thin anyway, because it will sort of dissolve into sauce. I think I’d rather you try that than store-bought noodles.

  9. This sounds like a very, very nice lasagna. Any recommendation from Lottie and Doof is a sure thing for me. Creme fraiche is a miracle ingredient in my house.
    To Rockin Arugula- personally, if I were a cookbook writer, I would be thrilled if someone brought in an already purchased book to be signed. I would consider it a high compliment- more so if the book was stained-up, page wrinkled, bookmarked and evident of frequent use. Cheers to you!

  10. Rockin Arugula- Not at all, bring the book for sure. Just be sure to RSVP because it looks like it might “sell-out”.

  11. I am so excited to cook from this book! So glad you suggested the rolling pin approach above, because I was about to be that bought-a-pasta-maker-on-a-whim person. My tiny kitchen thanks you.

  12. I think I NEED this cookbook … now! I know I NEED this lasagne tonight… YUM. Thanks for sharing x

  13. This book looks great. I was able to “look inside it” online. I’m planning to order it. Do you happen to have a suggestion between the book book or the Kindle edition? The two things about having cookbooks on my Kindle is I can open them on the iPad I keep upright on my kitchen counter, and I have them with me when I travel. I always find this decision a tough call.

  14. Hi Victoria, I haven’t been able to make the transition to digital cookbooks yet. So, I might not be the right person to ask. But I really like the physical experience of this book. There are lots of sidebars and little notes (as well as beautiful photos) that maybe won’t be the same digitally. But I like your reasoning and get why it might be useful. Tough call that I did not make any easier. ; )

  15. A multi-part comment, bear with me….

    1. To Tim, I just love you. I can’t wait for Chicago. Until then, I will just keep re-reading this post over and over. In the crowd of voices, yours is one I always look forward to and trust.
    2. Judi: yay! I love how your mom talks!
    3. Sally: I see so many small victories in your future!
    4. Rachel: So glad!!!
    5. whatfoodimade: terrific!
    6. Rockin Arugula: yes please bring the book!! Will be my honor to sign it!
    7. italian girl cooks: yay! thank you!
    8. Sally: I’m so glad you enjoyed the cake! I totally agree with Tim’s advice. The lasagna will also work with store-bought fresh pasta sheets and, in a pinch, totally works with those dry no-boil lasagna noodles that come in a box.
    9. Jenny: I couldn’t agree more about any recommendation from Lottie and Doof and about bringing a really well-used book to a signing!
    10. Emily: ha!
    11. Dani: yay, thanks!
    12. Victoria: I am so glad you had a look! I’m all for print because I find it easier to use (and I purposely had the pages be not too shiny so that you can take your own notes on them if you want)….but if Kindle works for you, Kindle it is!

  16. Thanks for your response. Based on what you said, I’m ordering the book book. With regard to Kindle cookbooks, if a book sends you back and forth from one recipe to another, it’s pretty darn handy to hit the link. Also, if the Kindle edition is well-done, the pictures are fantastic. I assume some books have videos embedded in them, but I have not come across one yet.

  17. I’ll be making this recipe very soon. I was really pleased with “The Hot Bread Kitchen”, and look forward to adding this book.
    While it’s very handy to hit links to find things with Kindle editions, I think I actually miss things because I don’t flip through electronic pages the same way I do with a book. So, a month from now when I want to make a recipe I saw, I just don’t remember where I saw it. That’s probably just the way my mind works. :-( I did computer networking and large databases for a living, so I’m not computer disfunctional.

  18. Made this last night! It was SO good! Definitely the best lasagna I’ve ever made. Stirring creme fraiche into the sauce is brilliant. It mellows out the sauce and gives it a lovely richness. I can’t wait to reheat a square for lunch today…

  19. Katie! So glad you like it, too! I am really jealous of your lunch.

  20. This made me so glad I got that pasta roller for Christmas! Now I cannot wait to use it.

    I also love that Lottie and Doof and Smitten Kitchen are both singing the praises of Julia Turshen. My two favorite food bloggers recommending the same book? ‘Scuse me one sec while I open Amazon in another tab!

    Many thanks!

  21. Wow. Julia. A *very* nice lasagna.
    For the record, I used a rolling pin and it worked beautifully. Far and away my most successful home-pasta-making experience.
    My creme fraiche experiment was a little less rewarding: 1 C heavy cream + 1 tbsp buttermilk + overnight on counter = room temperature cream that smelled a little off. Over the course of the next 24 hours, ended up adding another couple tbsp buttermilk and even some fresh lemon juice to try to get a good culture started. Eventually thickened slightly and ended up tasting delicious, but certainly fell on the side of crema and not sour cream in terms of consistency. Pasteurization to blame, I suspect.

    Thank you!

  22. Great recipe! I made it tonight and even though my pasta machine died halfway through and we had to hand roll it was very forgiving. The pasta was delicious even if it looked imperfect to start. I think next time I will do 1/2 c of creme fraiche as it was just a bit too rich. Not hard to make at all!

  23. This looks absolutely wonderful and something I would make immediately if anyone else (besides myself) would eat cheese in this Godforsaken house. I appreciate your recommendations on many things so I’m heading out ASAP to buy this book. Thanks!

  24. Ok. It’s decided, I’m purchasing. Sounds dope, and it’s hard to resist a cookbook that looks like a cute gingham cloth. Oh and off topic but I see you love fleabag too! ISN’T IT THE BEST. I’m obsessing. Like, in this very hard year to be a human on earth, depressing/oppressing news everywhere it is EXACTLY the show I needed. Too bad there’s only 6 episodes….

  25. Oh I love Julia! Used to love listening to her when she hosted the Cherry Bombe podcast (just don’t find it the same without her :/). Am looking forward to getting her book!

    Congrats on your Saveur nomination, Tim! Your writing is really refreshing and I admire how you’ve combined your passion for politics/culture with food (it’s not like they should be separate, and it really adds a much needed depth to a platform that can be a bit lacking in that department). I’m a food blogger from Melbourne with a background in fine art too, and reading some of your writing has really been really inspiring. Thanks! Liberty | homespuncapers.com

  26. I’m beyond excited that the stars have aligned and I will be in Chicago the weekend of this event! Can’t wait to meet both you and Julia in person. I’ve been reading the book cover to cover and can already tell it’s a classic that wil show up in many of my friends’ Christmas stockings this year. The tip to add a few drops of water and steam fried eggs is brilliant and worked like a charm. It’s so fun to cook eggs the same way for 20 years and then suddenly have the method improved overnight. It made for a giddy Friday morning breakfast as my family looked on with amusement.

  27. Made this yesterday. It is delicious, the richest, most robustly flavored lasagna I’ve ever eaten. Gave some to friends. They are raving about how good it was. Could not be any better. Thank you, Julia!

  28. Making this in advance! Tell me more: do I cook it completely, then reheat it? Parbake it? Assemble then refrigerate raw?

  29. I’m dying to make this and need to make ahead of time for a dinner later this week. Would it be better for me to bake it the night before and reheat, or assemble the night before, and bake when needed? I really want to make the fresh pasta, and I just wouldn’t have time the day of…

  30. Lasagna friends! Feel free to assemble the day before and then cook a few minutes longer.

  31. reporting back to say that I LOVED the lasagna. the creme fraiche is genius. I used a rolling pin for the pasta – it was delicious but I’m getting a pasta roller for my birthday! My 10 year old had thirds, as did my husband…

  32. I certainly need to get a copy of this book. Not only do the recipes look and sound brilliant, it appears the author is awesome. A winning combo.

  33. How about preparing more than a day ahead? Want to serve Monday night but would need to prepare on Saturday. Have made this and eaten immediately – it’s fabulous!

  34. hi tim!

    i just made this tonight and almost ate half of it all by myself. it was awesome! that sauce is everything. i also made the pasta dough without a food processor or pasta roller and it turned out great. (it can be done!) i was wondering if you’ve made the meat sauce version and, if so, which version you prefer. i love the simplicity of it as is, but am planning to make it for a dinner party this weekend and can’t decide if i should try out the meat sauce or stick with this simple deliciousness.

    thanks! always love your posts!

  35. Hi Tamara! So glad you liked this! I just said to Bryan that it was almost lasagna season. Excited to make this again soon. I haven’t made the meat version, I think I just generally prefer a veg lasagna. I did however serve this with a chopped salad (with salami) once and it was super good. Have a fun party!

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