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13 comments to “SQIRL 4EVA”

  1. I can’t wait to try this. I might need to add “floss” as an ingredient, because I imagine I’ll need it after eating a few slices.

  2. So true, Marlena! It is a lot of sesame seeds. Also, they will be all over your kitchen.

  3. Ok, this looks AMAZING. Could I use regular milk instead, do you think?

    (also, I had to laugh at the Gen-Xer comment – it’s SO TRUE. As in, I was embarrassed that I loved “reality bites” – )

  4. Hi Sally, Yep! Will still work with cow milk. (I love Reality Bites)

  5. YES! Love reality bites, but I think at the time, it was SO uncool to like it… But Winona Forever…


  6. Deep chuckles over here – and you captured people’s feelings about Sqirl so brilliantly – of course, I am an earnest over-loving Canadian who has tried and loved Sqirl, but everyone’s so quick to hate – I told a friend that I loved the book and she said “yes but isn’t it all AVOCADO TOAST??” and I defended it vehemently, “No!! It’s sorrel pesto!!” Hehe. I agree – I love how this recipe isn’t all huff-puff “I’m vegan”. Totally playing it cool! I’m going to go for the malva pudding as my first recipe to tackle. Thanks as always for the enjoying read.

  7. Tim I really want to send you something that we made after one of your Instagram posts…can you email info@sqirlla.com?

    And thank you for writing this! It’s Everything I Want To Read.

  8. Tim,
    Thanks for reminding me of Living and Eating…..my all time FAVORITE cookbook. I love touching it, reading it, cooking from it. It’s a love affair thing with it. I have made almost everything in that book…….I will revisit it this weekend. :)

    Just bought Small Victories, based on your post….I am now addicted to kimchi avocado toast, who da thunk it.

    Probably won’t be buying Squirl…..I’m not into cool and hip things, as you know, I love lemon zest.


  9. Perrrrfect timing as I just received Jessica’s cookbook this week from Amazon! I’ve only managed to get past the lovely foreword by Lynda Obst which in turn made me book another trip to LA like right now, but your post puts some nice context to it before I read on. Also, I might just binge watch Easy all over again ;)

  10. Thinking about substitutes for the sesame seeds that won’t require guests flossing at the breakfast table.

  11. I am heartsick as I am sure you are. I love your site, take care.

    love from Lincoln Square

  12. Oh,Linda. So nice of you to check in. Hugs.

  13. Omigoodness, you referenced “Living and Eating”! The best ever! Uni friends bought the UK version for me back in the day and then I found the US version when I crossed the pond. I cook from it all the time.

    Also, Gen-X comment: SO TRUE.

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