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21 comments to “Lottie + Doof Gift Guide 2016”

  1. Love this list – I know I’ve found treasures – like D.S. and Durga, from previous gift lists.

    I ate at Zahav when I was in Philadelphia last month and bought their cookbook: http://zahavrestaurant.com/. Wow. I can’t wait to dive in over the holidays. Also, eat at Zahav if you’re ever in Philadelphia.

  2. Hi Marlena! I looooove that book. And really hope to eat there soon.

  3. I have wanted to splurge on some DS & Durga for myself since you first mentioned them in a gift guide but haven’t been able to bring myself to spend the $. I decided it’s going to be my publication present to myself so that I smell AMAZING on book tour ;)

    For my birthday this year (exactly one month before Christmas Eve), I asked friends to give to SPLC in my name and then to spend time together at an art museum, followed by pizza & wine. It felt really good. I love the idea of showing up with a donation notification as a host/hostess gift! You the smartest.

  4. I get so excited for the L&D gift guide but I always end up buying the stuff… for myself…don’t judge.

  5. I want to justify linen sheets so bad! Maybe next year :)

  6. Midwesterner living in London here. I have some vintage French linen sheets bought here. One is a French army linen sheet given to soldiers in WWII as standard issue. It was found by an English company in a French barn along with hundreds of others. Was in perfect condition. Completely agree with you about their comfort. Lots of people use them for upholstery too. Have a look on Easy.

  7. Etsy, not Easy!!

  8. I am still wearing, and loving, the Casio watch I fell in love with from your gift guide last year. And now I need to go put Swing TIme on my library request list. Thank you for the wisps of beauty you bring to my inbox.

  9. “Photographed at a favorite bookstore because I read things on a Kindle now and LOVE IT, despite years of resisting.”

    Please continue to support your favorite bookstore by buying books there. Amazon/Kindle books are great for their convenience; I get it. But this hits local bookstores hard. And I’m feeling it hard since my local bookstore is closing at the end of January because of declining sales. So this is less chiding than a plea to you and anyone who might read this comment: If you like having a bookstore nearby, please spend money there.

  10. You have terrific taste. Kate’s comment reminded me that I too bought and loved the Casio watch from last year, I bought it for my brother and then ended up buying a second for myself!

  11. Hey Alison! It is complicated, and probably won’t be resolved in the comments of a food blog. I shop at my local bookstore as often as I can. I even went so far as to stop subscribing to magazines so I can buy issues there. (and you’ll notice that my link for purchasing the book is to a independent local shop) But in the year or two with a reader I have easily read twice as much as in past years. I am less stressed about bringing another object into my world (the small world of a one-bedroom apartment). And I don’t have any of the nostalgia surrounding books that that people seem to have. Technology always has impacts on our world, for better and worse. Anyway, all of that to say your point was not lost on me but we all have to make lots of decisions. And happily Swing Time is also available in print so anyone who wants to can buy a copy.

  12. Kate and Emily! I’m still rockin that watch, too! : )

  13. I check in for your holiday gift guide every year. And it made me even happier to see your appeal for donations and activism at the end of your post. Thank you for loving beautiful things and action, the world needs more of both.

  14. do you think is ok to read swing time without having read white teeth previously ( … not just yet)?

  15. Hi Meli- Yep! Absolutely.

  16. I always enjoy looking at your yearly gift guide, but was particularly touched by your kindness and care for others, especially in light of the recent election. The joy of giving is a gift we give ourselves! May you have a wonderful holiday season!

  17. Can I just say that my mind is kind of blown by the pasta cooker? I feel the same way – the water, the boiling, the big pot – but I never would have considered it. That’s often how I feel, reading your blog, but this might be a whole new level. Also, that cookie cutter! Thank you.

  18. goth sheets. i need!

  19. Reading this a little late but love your selections. That cookie cutter is pure genius, why has no one developed that before? I also love Sweet Sugar Sultry Spice–totally unrelated. The poem, also beautiful! Happy New Year!!

  20. Do you happen to remember where you found the rabbit skeleton poster?

  21. Hi Danielle- The poster is from a taxidermy shop in Paris called Deyrolle. Maybe they sell them online? Good luck!