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15 comments to “Galena and Mineral Point”

  1. We grew up in Madison, and live in Kansas City, so we are always driving past Mineral Point when we go home to visit. Sounds as if we’d better get off 151 one of these days and spend some time there!

  2. You make the Midwest look so dreamy! Especially that shot of the trees at dusk, which captures Midwestern summer nights spot on.

    Can’t believe I’ve never heard of Mineral Point before but I’ll be adding it to the list. Another hidden gem is Southern Illinois. It takes forever to get there but Jackson Falls and the neighboring towns full of little wineries are my favorite places to go back to.

  3. Kristin- Do it!
    Sally- Thanks for the tip on Jackson Falls, will add it to our list.

  4. (hey… I’m Sally! How many of us can there be!?!)

    Anyway, thanks for blogging – I love your voice, and only regret that I don’t “hear” it more.

  5. Sally (Best name! I hope people call you Sal, which is my fav nickname ever)- I am going to try to be better. I always intend to write more often and then life happens and time passes. But I am trying, so thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Tim! This post made me feel like I had just opened a handwritten letter. I must get out that way! x

  7. I love your travelogues, in particular. You make me want to get to these places even if I doubt I ever will. Have no idea what a nut horn is but I want some and the idea of a simply made, great hamburger that still haunts you upon your return makes me feel like we could be kindred spirits.

  8. I just moved to Madison six months ago and I’m always looking for more places to explore in this area. I just put so many places on my list to visit!

  9. I have followed your blog and read your posts for the last few years. Very quietly, I must say.

    But I had to comment, because I recently bought a waffle-maker (my first) and for my first try, I made your coffee waffles. They turned out beautifully and made me cry a little. It reminded me of the time I lived in Monmartre, and would walk up the alleys towards Sacre Coeur and have waffles smothered in Nutella, for breakfast. Thanks for that!

  10. Tim, ONE person calls me Sal! I’m called a variety of other nicknames, but almost never Sal.

    Anyway, I wanted to comment on an old recipe of yours, but couldn’t, so wanted to thank you here for discussing this cake – http://www.lottieanddoof.com/2010/07/once-a-year/ – I made it last night and LOVED it. Huge hit. Thanks!

  11. We’ve gone to both cities in the past to celebrate our anniversary. They are both so charming! A reminder to re-visit Mineral Point. And I will never forget House on the Rock. How does one even begin to explain that mind-bending experience?!

  12. I visited House on the Rock several times as a kid and young adult. It was most impressive to me before all the over-the-top additions turned it into a bit (that is e being generous) of an amusement park, but it still merits a trip. That cottage looks great and I have bookmarked it for a future stay.

  13. I grew up in Oak Park and visit your blog for nostalgia now that I live far from Chicago. House on the Rock?! You’ve really outdone yourself this time. We used to go there when we were kids and to describe it is nothing, it must be experienced to be fully understood. What a wacky place.

  14. I’m so glad you’re back, keep writing! I love whatever you write, but I do especially enjoy the ones about your travels.

    I had a Grandma Sally! Her real name was Salomea, and I think when she was younger she was kind of a farmgirl femme fatale. She grew up in Manistee Michigan, which I haven’t been to in over 40 years, think I need to go check it out sometime. Grandpa was a real life traveling salesman. I wish I’d been more interested in learning more while they were still around.

  15. I can’t wait to move back to the midwest and go there!

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