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15 comments to “Turmeric Millet-nola”

  1. I have been resisting my own “granola phase” for quite some time, but I finally just yielded to it and now it seems like granola is the only thing I eat! I’m not too proud to say that I have gone probably too far into the depths of chocolate granola (which really is more like eating cookies), but I will definitely give this Millet-nola a go! It looks really cool too – like Granola Dippin’ Dots!

  2. Hi Kate! Chocolate granola is one of the few applications of chocolate that I like. I have been wondering about coffee granola lately- is that a thing?

  3. I’m going through a granola phase, too. (I had to change that because I’d written “an awkward phase”, ha.) But turmeric granola? That I haven’t tried! Oh, and coffee granola – certainly a thing. My boyfriend made some and I wasn’t sure it was going to be any good, but I had to swallow my words because it was really, really delicious.

  4. Rebeca! Ha. Granola Phase probably does equal Awkward Phase. Glad to know that coffee granola could work! On it.

  5. Anita Rodriguez says:

    July 18th, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    Would it be good of without glucose since am diabetic?

  6. Hi Anita- It definitely needs a caramel coating to be the same sort of thing. The caramel binds it together and keeps it crunchy.

  7. Tim – have you made Deb’s maple cluster granola? I prefer it without dried fruit. I’ve made many, many recipes and this remains my favorite:


  8. Tim, I got on the mullet train when Deb published her chocolate chunk granola bar recipe, so I feel you. Now I put it in my “house granola”, too. (Embarrassingly, we have been in a granola phase for years–homemade granola is so different from that stuff that comes in boxes at the store.) I will definitely try this millet-nola, if only because it’s got such a great name. Assuming you’ve made the granola-recipe rounds, but if you are looking to experiment some more, Orangette has a great easy recipe for French chocolate granola that is a great jumping-off point for experimentation. And you’re right–leave the cinnamon out of granola. I can never figure out why people think it belongs in there. Thanks!

  9. Sally- Haven’t tried that one yet–will do!
    Jennifer- I love that you accidentally typed mullet and now I am picturing you with a mullet. Thanks for the recommendations- will check those out for sure.


  11. Judy Klevan says:

    July 20th, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    What’s the deal with “glucose”? Is that a syrup? Did you make this with glucose? Will it change the delightful consistency if you use another syrup such as maple syrup? Which, by the way, is my favorite sweetener for my homemade granola, much preferred over honey.

  12. Hi Judy, Yep! Glucose is a syrup. Pastry chefs use it a lot because it is less sweet. Home cooks are usually instructed to sub corn syrup, but that is sweeter. Maple syrup also sweeter. Glucose has no flavor, so maple syrup would take this in a different direction. You’re obviously welcome to try, but it will be a different recipe. I would think of this as granola only in name. It is essentially puffed grain held together with a sugar syrup. I like maple syrup in my granola, too. Although I have found that a 50/50 mix of maple syrup and honey is my fav.

  13. I’ve been experimenting with puffed millet lately too. Turmeric and cardamom intrigue me. Have you tried My Darling Lemon Thyme’s granola? She does a version in her cookbook with tahini and orange zest. I find it irresistible in the fall and winter. I make a house granola I’ve tinkered with over the years to suit my tastes. Its original inspiration stemmed from Orangette. She has serious opinions regarding granola. A great place to start. I love your site.

  14. Instagram posts are the new everything now. :( :( :(

    This recipe made me want to eyeroll BUT fine, now I’m curious about puffed grain in my granola.

  15. People always comment on my instagram “can I have the recipe?” “Please post the recipe”.

    My response is “I have a food blog, link in profile, I post daily recipes”.

    I guess I will just stick w/ instagram, which is way more fun, and so much easier.

    Made this granola recipe, it was the bomb!
    Thanks Tim.

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