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9 comments to “Spinning J”

  1. I’m so glad to read your review of this spot! I drive/run by it often and always comment that I have to stop in and try it out, but then seem to forget about it when I’m looking for a new place to go. This will make me remember!

  2. I don’t eat veal either….and maybe I need to rethink the octopus thing….I had no idea they were so smart!

  3. Thanks for the recipe. I will be trying this, for sure. I had never heard of the reverse creaming method. Saturday evening, when cooking for friends, I overcooked my beef rib roast on the Weber. I was showing off the app on my phone getting temp readings via my blue tooth meat thermometer. It must have been the glass of wine and/or my failure to inspect the meat. Ugh!!

  4. “But food will only ever get a restaurant so far.” TRUTH. This place sounds superb.

  5. This makes me nostalgic for Chicago! (When I was in grad school at MSU, my sister lived there, and we’d visit all the time – TOAST!). I love the reverse creaming method, AND weights, so will make this soon. Thanks!

  6. Love this, and love her quiz answers. Pinning…

  7. So I stopped reading/scrolling at the picture of that heavenly coffee cake, and opened another window and quickly googled for a recipe for cinnamon sour cream coffee cake. Nothing looked like worthwhile or different than what I already have. But now I was seriously jonesing for coffee cake like that. Imagine my delight that if I would’ve just read a few mere more minutes, I would’ve been rewarded!! Bonus: I have a scale!! Bring on the weekend.. thanks for a great read. Wish I lived closer!

  8. Reporting back to say I made this awesome coffee cake this past weekend and brought it in for coworkers to rave reviews. I was so excited to use a bakery recipe given in weights since i love using the kitchen scale. I was expecting a dense and close crumbed sour cream cake (which i love) and was so pleasantly surprised at how light this turned out. A definite keeper with a unique maple syrup glaze as well. Thank you for sharing and showcasing the awesome bakery.

  9. I’m making this this weekend – but wondered why they don’t give a weight for the conf sugar? There’s so much error for measuring that w. volume… THANKS!

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