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10 comments to “The Witch”

  1. Tim, your open disdain for the froufrou and trendy never ceases to amuse/delight me. I hope you have this fancy scary Halloween party soon, as I would gladly invite myself to it.
    I like to think I’d be an acceptable guest despite living in a neighborhood where activated charcoal vegan soft serve is the food of the moment… :P

  2. Genius. Thank you.

  3. OMG – I’d fly to Chicago to attend your fancy scary Halloween party. And, I’ll bring whatever you ask.

  4. I relate to your Halloween obsession so much, including the ultimate dream of having a themed dinner/party with all of the decorations and spooky food. This cocktail certainly fits the bill, and I love the flavor combo! xoxo

  5. We returned from France with a bottle of Chartreuse…thank you for the timely recipe!!!!

  6. Curious about what spooky foods you would serve at a Halloween cocktail party!

  7. Wow yes, I would also love to hear some ideas for a fancy scary dinner party (in addition to this cocktail that is). You can’t believe you’re posting a recipe with activated charcoal, and I can’t believe I’m going to make one. Thanks!

  8. As reason to go buy myself a bottle of Chartreuse.

  9. I just had a drink with activated charcoal in it! I was suspicious at first, but it was really good!

  10. Between activated charcoal and gluten free pasta, I really am toxin free. That is spooky, no?