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The Witch

Halloween is so fun and stupid. This weekend we spent like an hour in the Halloween section of Target and I never wanted to leave. Every animatronic monster and fake-elegant-goth serving bowl called to me. Bryan and I are very interested in someday hosting a fancy AND scary Halloween dinner party. We talk about it a lot, but still haven’t made it materialize. Maybe next year. We do know what cocktail we will serve.

This black elixir, which I am calling The Witch, ticks a couple of important boxes for a Halloween cocktail party: it is beautiful while remaining scary and it is delicious without being too challenging. Also, fire is involved.

I can’t believe I am posting a recipe that calls for activated charcoal, yet here we are. You might have a juice bar near you that adds this ingredient to recipes and claims it eliminates toxins from your body. Even the little jar I have makes this claim, which is funny in combination with gin. Anyway, you absolutely need this ingredient, which is easy to find online [1]. The cocktail isn’t worth it without the color. Also, for more background and health guidelines on activated charcoal, read this article [2] which seems pretty well-reasoned and researched. It also contains the quote (spoken by a nutritionist*): “I think our bodies are really toxic”.

Happy Halloween!

The Witch (adapted slightly from Epicurious [3])

Combine everything in a cocktail shaker, fill with ice, and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Strain into a coupe glass. Light the dried sage leaf on fire and drop it into the glass.

***I happened to have some dried sage leaves. The original recipe suggests (see link) that you can dry our fresh sage leaves in the microwave.

**I found pear juice at Whole Foods. Everything at the supermarket was a juice cocktail or sweetened, and I think pure pear juice seems important here.

*A nutritionist in Los Angeles.