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Lottie + Doof Gift Guide 2017

Astier de Villatte’s Snoopy [1]

One of my favorite ceramics companies honoring the greatest comic strip of all-time.


Amaro Angeleno [2]

We spent a good chunk of November in California visiting friends and family and came home with a bottle of this citrusy amaro. Perfect in a spritz, which we served for Thanksgiving this year(prosecco, citrus juice, amaro—cold!).

Rachel Gropper Mobile from Field & Florist [3]

My friends Heidi and Molly opened the coolest shop in Chicago this year. Their main racket is growing the best flowers in southwest Michigan, where they have a farm. But this summer they opened a shop where you can get both their flowers as well as the most perfectly curated selection of gifts. They sell my favorite Hasami porcelain and these super rad mobiles from Chicago’s own Rachel Gropper.

Trust Women Patch [4]

100% of proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. Because fuck this shit.

Postalco Wallet [5]

Because my last wallet lasted me 14 years, I felt like I could spend a lot of dough on a new one. After months of research, I decided on this beauty from Postalco. I love it. It feels good in the hand and has all of the compartments I want. Also, Gen X green.

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders [6]

I read a lot of good books this year but looking back this was the book that really stuck with me. Saunders long ago established himself as a genius and this really confirmed his place as one of America’s great writers and thinkers. Heady and hearty. 

Mrs. Meyers Peppermint Multi-surface cleaner [7]

I’ve included the Iowa Pine handsoap on this list in the past, and I still love it. But recently Mrs. Meyers released a peppermint scent that I am equally into. The counter spray makes the whole kitchen smell fresh and crisp.

The Christmas Chronicles by Nigel Slater [8]

I am basically in love with Nigel Slater. This book, which chronicles his Christmas season, really demonstrates his charms, including a section where he explains how he, who identifies as “happily atheist”, can celebrate Christmas:


Owl from Tortoise General Store [9]

It is just so cute.

Day and Night Plates from ARC [10]

Daniela Jacobs makes porcelain objects, including these perfect little plates. Tiny and delicate and  expensive. They are a splurge for sure, but I really love looking at them and they turn your table into a composition.

We Found a Hat by Jon Klassen [11]

One of my favorite children’s books, though admittedly what is great about it may be lost on the little ones—get it for their parents.

Cake Server from The Good Liver [12]

My buddy Aya helps run The Good Liver, a favorite shop in downtown Los Angeles. Every object is so special and she really helps bring them all to life. This cake server is from a new line of Japanese cutlery inspired by original Meiji era molds. Check out The Good Liver online shop because I want every single thing they sell (hint-hint).

French Note Pad [13]

We never seemed to have paper in our house and it drove me crazy. This handsome French note pad solved the problem. It is beautifully weighted so that it doesn’t move around when you write or tear off a sheet and the small size is perfect for grocery lists.


Signature Harissa from New York Shuk [14]

This is my favorite prepared harissa. I hope to always have a jar in my fridge.

Dining In by Alison Roman, [15] Tartine All Day by Liz Prueitt, [16] and Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden [17]

My relationship to cookbooks has really changed in recent years and I am basically only interested in your book if I will use it a lot. These are three that I keep returning to. Dining In is a collection of recipes that I will definitely use, and already have. The lamb and chickpea thing is worth the cost of admission alone. Tartine All Day is a wonderful book that maybe suffered from too much attention. I really love the scope of it and Prueitt’s approach to home cooking. Six Seasons was probably the most excited I got about a book this year—a great selection of recipes that are super doable but also show-offy. His technique for brining almonds has changed my life.


Hope your holidays are full of good things and love.