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28 comments to “Tres Leches”

  1. I look at food photos all the time and rarely have the overwhelming urge to lick the screen. Your opening photo called for serious restraint! Man does this look amazing. Lucious actually. Now I need to find an excuse for a party!

  2. Your site is so great!! I love the recipes!! We have our own chickens and often an abundance of eggs! This recipe would be great for all the extras!!

  3. marry me.

  4. Beautiful dessert!

  5. A perfect non-chocolate dessert….When I’d like a bite, you know it looks/sounds good. Thank you!

  6. Your photography is always so awesome. You should do a post on your skills! Now the cake…mm mm good!

  7. Wow–that looks positively decadent! And a great example of why sometimes it’s worth taking on a monster of a recipe–the rewards far outweigh the efforts…

  8. Tres leches is perhaps the yummiest cake in the world… so good to see it here!

  9. Your recipes never fail to amaze me, and this cake is no exception. It looks incredible! That almond cream sounds so tasty, and those maple almonds. I can’t wait to make some. Thanks!

  10. Thanks for all the nice comments! A post on photography sometime soon.

  11. Looks awesome! Anything with a little Kirsch is ok with me!

  12. looks delish!! Its late here…so I could be wrong – but I think you’re missing the flour step in your recipe :)

  13. Pretty, pretty! I’m making this for Easter.
    Hope I can find the patience! Muchas Gracias.

  14. Hey Kathryn, I think it was just hiding on you. Third paragraph.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous photos!

  16. Fantastic cake. I have always wanted to make this recipe and now I have added it to our test kitchen!

  17. Your photos are always so amazing! Wow, after reading the ingredients listed it is a decadent dessert though it doesn’t look it. Very deceptive which would have lead me to taking a huge piece. :-)

  18. This looks lovely and the blackberries make it for me. They are such a favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing it!

  19. Dawn in CA says:

    March 2nd, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    Chiming in to echo what others have already said — your photographs are just beautiful. The composition, the colors, the contrast… all the “c’s” and so much more. :) You’ve somehow managed to achieve an uber-clean design on the site, while still conveying a sense of homemade-cozy-comforting- yummy-ness. I look forward to every new post.

  20. Thanks for all of the kind words, everyone!

  21. I saw the photo on Tastespotting and immediately checked out your blog. You’ve seduced my tastebuds enough to be added to my blog list page :) I love anything that tastes of Tres Leches. Superb photos!

  22. Amazing cake! It looks so luxurious, and I love the sound of the maple glazed almonds.

  23. I’m going to make this for my husbands birthday next week. I may have to take the day off to get it done, but he deserves it!

  24. I am halfway through making this beauty. So far so good. It’s the first tres leches cake I’ve attempted so I’m exited to taste the final result!

  25. Hey Tim–any chance you’ve repeated this recipe since and had better success cajoling the cake to absorb the cream? Tres leches is one of my favorite desserts…almost to the point where I make it less often to avoid eating entire pans of cake. My favorite versions have brandy in them–wow, sometimes you just stumble upon statements like this that seem true applied to anything, you know?–so I’m particularly interested in this one.

  26. Hey Tim- You’re deep in the archives now. I honestly can’t remember if I made this again, though I think I did. I really loved it. Now that I look at the recipe again, I wonder if you should pour the cream mixture over the cake while it is still warm? It seems odd to wait for it to cool, right? That would be my suggestion if you attempt this. I would let cake cool for 10 minutes, and then poke holes and start pouring process. If you try, let us know how it goes!

  27. Tim, I am making this cake for the 7th year in a row. It is fantastic. I make it every March for my husband’s birthday. This recipe makes me a Rockstar among our friends!

  28. Jackie- So happy to hear that! Thanks for letting me know.