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Chicago Guide

Lottie + Doof Chicago Guide

[A note about this guide: This is in no way an exhaustive list of good restaurants in Chicago. I am not a restaurant critic. Like most people the places I eat at are determined by the geography of my life, personal taste, and my budget. I’ve tried to focus on places that are evergreen and that feel like Chicago (whatever that means). These are the places I take people to when they visit, and where I eat regularly. Updated in February 2024]


Athenian Room

A Lincoln Park classic, and one of my favorite places. The Charburger with American and a side of Greek fries is about as good as life gets. Also, believe it or not, a great place to see celebrities.

Beacon Doughnuts

Some of the best donuts in Chicago are served out of a window in an alley in Lincoln Park. They happen to be vegan, reinforcing my belief that all donuts should be vegan.

Cellar Door Provisions

When people claim the secret ingredient is love, it is usually bullshit. But the care and attention coming out of this kitchen is really something. It has evolved over the years but is always a lovely place to spend time.

Charly’s Burgers

Very specific instructions: Order the La Piña burger without the pineapple (blasphemy, I know!) and eat the burger and fries as soon as you can while it is very hot, either at the counter inside or in your car parked out front on Cicero. It is the best burger and fries in Chicago. Unreal. We eat in reverent silence every time.

Club Lucky

My favorite place to go for classic Italian-American food.


Some of the best pasta dishes I have had in my life I have had at Daisies. The best move is to sit at the bar and order a glass of wine and a dish of pasta (or two).


If you’re going to have a fancy meal in Chicago why not go to a place run by a couple of nice people making some of the most interesting and yet relatable food in town. Also, my vote for best-looking dining room.

Floriole Bakery & Cafe

Outstanding pastries, including the perfect almond croissant. Floriole is a Chicago classic.

Gene and Jude’s

Serving depression dogs, a variation on the Chicago dog, that are topped with hand cut fries. They are so serious about the no ketchup thing that they don’t even allow it on the premises. There is no seating so you eat off of the hood of your car like everyone else.

Johnnies Beef

Quite simply the best thing a human can possibly eat. Get your beef sweet AND hot.

Lao Peng You

Beautiful Chinese food that I crave all of the time. I especially love the dumpling and Cong You Bing.

Loba Pastry & Coffee

The most exciting bakery in Chicago. Sourdough Pineapple Muffins, Matcha Danish, Pepita Crunch bars—a truly special (and badass) place.

Lula Cafe

If I could only recommend one restaurant in Chicago, it would be this long-time favorite. Definitely the place I have eaten at the most in my life. It is the perfect neighborhood restaurant, that also happens to be a destination restaurant.


One of the best things about Chicago. Pizza, beer, wine, fun—they do it all so well. Also my favorite patio in town. Honestly, one of the few perfect restaurants on this earth.

Mindy’s Bakery

Mindy Segal made many of us fall in love with pastries. She now has the most impressive bakery in Chicago turning out an incredible amount of pastries (and bagels and etc) every day. The quality is of such a high caliber that every time I visit I feel so happy to live in Chicago.


If you insist on deep dish pizza, this is where to go.

Pleasant House Pub

British pub food and so much more. A great neighborhood restaurant.

Red Hot Ranch

Extremely delicious burgers and fries. Very hard to beat. And they supply ear plugs for the trains running overhead.

Spinning J

Like if we still had corner soda shops but they were cool and progressive and had some of the best bakery in town. A real treasure.

Taqueria Chingon

Some of the best Mexican food in Chicago. Inventive, delicious, consistent. There is a lot to love here.

Sugar Moon Bakery

One of the best bakeries in Chicago run by great people. Only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and people start lining up at least 20 minutes before they open so plan accordingly.

Superdawg Drive-In

A Chicago icon. Never ever has a hot dog come in better packaging.


Another Chicago institution and historically significant as Barack Obama’s old stomping/stumping ground. The omelet is always reliable, and the people-watching is top-notch.

Vito and Nick’s

I grew up eating here and still think it is the best tavern pizza in Chicago. Get hot giardiniera on yours, and a pitcher of RC cola. It’s like your little league team just won the championship. Rainbow Cone is not too far away for dessert.