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27 comments to “Guess who’s back…?”

  1. YAY! So happy you’re back! :D Is this Brooke’s place or your own – whatever it be, the flower arrangement is stunning. My grandmum makes a lovely porridge with honey and oats but I’m not particularly fond of hot cereal. I think you’ve just tempted me to try this.

  2. Thanks! That is Brooke’s beautiful place! The flowers were amazing against that brick wall. And yes, give this hot cereal a try and see what you think!

  3. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I love doof and brookie!

  4. My friend is a cook at the Good Fork, I love that place! And I’ve tried to like hot cereal before, but maybe this one will convince me. Looks delish.

  5. Yeah, M, the Good Fork is amazing! Such a good place to spend an evening.

  6. So glad you are back! That looks like a bowl of breakfast deliciousness.

  7. Good Fork…YES! Dumplings?

  8. Porridge looks wonderful, but I have my eye on those coffee mugs. Do you know where they’re from??

  9. A beautiful little feast for sure.

    I’m guessing a splash of pomegranate juice would work well, too.

    Be well.

  10. Glad you’re back and getting settled in!! As a child, we never ever ate oatmeal or any other hot cereal. But I must admit, I think I’m going to try this one!!! I’m new to your website and I’m really enjoying it!!! I found my way to you via The Countess of Nassau County.

  11. I am an oatmeal fan but will try this, too. Congratulations on your new home!

  12. Yes to the dumplings! They are ridiculous!

  13. “Pink Cereal.” I love it! Welcome Back. :)

  14. schneiderluvsdoof says:

    October 29th, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    Sea salt and honey…good together.

  15. That looks downright delicious. But I’m an oatmeal lover, so it’s not surprising that I’m all over porridge :)

  16. yes to pink cereal! your photography is perfection & so eye pleasing.
    next nyc trip try mast brothers artisan chocolates …the dark chocolate with sea salt…amazing.
    looking forward to your home “tour”.

  17. I’m happy you’re back! Glad you made it to Red Hook. I also love the Good Fork.

  18. Alright! Welcome back…happy you’re getting settled in.

  19. What! Sea salt + honey! Off to trial that in some oatmeal right now.

  20. Yum. This is right up my alley. Thanks, honey!


  21. Alas, the November recipe I’ve been looking for. Thank you, this looks parfait.

  22. Sivan Harlap says:

    November 2nd, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    in buenos aires, but you best believe that as soon as i have home, i’m making this!

  23. YUMMMMMM!!! that looks like heavenly deliciousness. Nice photos, Tim!

  24. Welcome back, Tim! the porridge looks delish. i use a similar method with steel cut oats. not sure it it’s still called porridge if you make it with s-co. maybe? i also let the oats soak in cold water and cinnamon over night. then it cooks up quickly in the a.m. the gateau breton looks fab too. feeling all “autumn-time-to-cook” now. happy new apt!

  25. I usually lurk, but did want to say thank you for all the recipes. :-D My family is always thrilled with them, and you’ve always got such great flavors featured.

    More important, though, congratulations on the new place! I hope you and Bryan are very, very happy in the new home. Can’t wait to see pictures!

  26. jennifer morrison says:

    November 14th, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    Really surprised that that lovely photo was of cereal. I’ve been trying to duplicate Oats and Honey’s oatmeal; now I’ll have to try this. Beautiful, tasty, and good for you!

    I too love what we could see of Brooke’s apt. Wow! Stone walls and flowers always get to me! I feel transported back to Europe.

    Miss you guys.