We have a winner….


Drinks were mixed, votes were tallied and the Gordan’s Cup is the Official Drink of Summer. Get thee to a liquor store for your bottle of Hendrick’s Gin and start enjoying. Summer is going fast! Thanks to Katie (and all of my 4th of July friends) for helping reach the final verdict!

2 comments to “We have a winner….”

  1. mmmmmm, hendricks. i like to mix mine over ice with some cucumber juice (whirr a cuke in a blender or processor and strain it through a fine strainer), club soda and lime. i’ll be sure to test out the Gordan’s Cup this weekend!

  2. Made this last night. Albeit not with Hendricks gin. The spirits expert we spoke with said any Dry London Gin is good for this particular application.

    I really enjoyed it. Bring on the cukes and it will be a refreshing summer. I look forward to the competition next summer.

    As a relatively new reader (late December last year) do you and your friends have a winter drink contest?

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