San Antonio —> NYC


Just returned from San Antonio where I enjoyed so much delicious food. Thanks to all who recommended places for me to try. I was especially enamored with Liberty Bar, which was a truly exceptional restaurant. I also kind of couldn’t get enough of Mi Tierra. The food was great, but I am a real sucker for shiny things and twinkling lights (I am like a baby) and they had both in abundance.

Later this week: NYC! One of my favorite people in this world is marrying another favorite of mine and I am lucky enough to help them celebrate. Looking forward to friends and my favorite foods in New York. I will send postcards from the road and a recipe before I go.

Two weeks until new home and kitchen!

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  1. What? The hotel restaurant didn’t make your Best Of San Antonio blog posting? Or the gordita stand outside the art fair? Today I didn’t eat any tortilla chips….I think my body thanks me.

  2. I just love the twinkling lights and the bright colors. Especially all those shiny pinatas or as my 5yr old great nephew calls them…pinanas.

  3. Loretta Reyes says:

    October 5th, 2009 at 6:09 am

    I’m so happy that you enjoyed our beautiful city. You should come around in April when the annual Fiesta is going on. Of course, San Antonians party a lot. We usually don’t even need a reason.

  4. Beautiful photos…love the lights and colors!! NYC……my favorite city!!! My husband and I were there over Christmas last year.

  5. Um, you just missed the perfect opportunity for a Pace Picante reference.

  6. It seems everyone I know is heading to NY lately! Wish I was among the flock, but it’s probably going to be a while before we find sufficient time to go from one coast to the other. Have a GREAT time in NY… the bagels alone would be worth the trip for me. Damn California and its lack of good bagels! ;)

  7. Rox took me to Liberty Bar and Mi Tierra!!! I am glad you loved them. Did you see the room with all the silver and gold flags? I want to line my kitchen with them.

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Looking forward to the NYC posts. K

  9. I’m about to head to NYC too! Excited to hear about all your favorites.

  10. I can’t wait to see what comes out of your new kitchen! I introduced my mom to your blog and while it took her a moment to remember who you are (Tim? From high school? Prom?) she LOVES it. She is still trying to decide if it would be weird for her to make comments. :)

  11. ohhhhhhhh. i LOVE these twink-lee photos!!!!! i hollared when i saw them. i like shiny things myself. i’m turkey-like that that way…

    and the baked feta, oh my.
    have a great ny trip.

  12. Tim!!! Thanks so much for being with us this weekend!!

  13. Tim! I went to undergrad in SA, and Liberty Bar was around the corner! I love that place. And Mi Tierra? My first experience there was in 7th grade and my college boyfriend’s roommate family owned it. Wow, the memories are flooding back (although we might have gone to 24 hour Mi Tierra post bar a few times so those memories are hazy…).

  14. Great pics! I also love Liberty Bar. You’ll be sad to hear that they are relocating in 2010. That fabulous slanty building will be their home no more.

  15. I’m glad you got as much of a kick out of Mi Tierra as I did when I was little. It’s such a neat place.

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