Lottie + Doof Gift Guide 2009

Hanukkah is here! Christmas and the New Year are right around the corner! Here are some suggestions for kitchen-related things you might like to give or receive! 10 things I love. I hope you do too! Check in later today for the 11th cookie!


These salt & pepper shakers from Heath Ceramics are one of my favorite things—beautiful and really nice to use. They have a good weight to them.


Fennel pollen! Peggy Knickerbocker wrote, “If angels sprinkled a spice from their wings, this would be it.”


I love this towel! Conversions and a ruler printed right on it. Almost too pretty to use. (But I am still using it)

canal house

Canal House Cooking is a self-published cookbook series by Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton. Three beautiful cookbooks a year. What more could you ask for? The first two have been wonderful, can’t wait to see what the future holds!


The Diner Journal is such a beautiful publication and was a lovely gift to receive. (Also, you have this magazine to thank for the Chocolate Caramel Tart)


This is my favorite candle. Smells like a wood burning fireplace. Perfect for those of us without one. I don’t know what this has to do with food.


These beautiful straws at Brook Farm General Store would be a fun gift. Brook Farm General Store is one of those places where I honestly want everything they sell. Amazing place.


If anyone is looking for something for me, how about 10 pounds of frozen tart cherries from Friske Farms? I can’t imagine a better treat in the middle of winter. FYI- shipping is more than the actual cherries. But still!


Everyone needs a good kitchen clock and this one is particularly beautiful. It swings!

tekla towels

Tekla towels from IKEA are great, and at 49 cents each you can afford to get them for everyone! They make great gift wrap.

Happy Hanukkah everyone!!! See you later for a cookie!

16 comments to “Lottie + Doof Gift Guide 2009”

  1. I love your picks!! I’m so intrigued by the fennel pollen that I might just have to head over to the Milwaukee Spice House down the street and pick some up to experiment. Have any good recipes for it?

  2. Hi Katie! I really like it sprinkled on salads but also works well on things like grilled chicken. Get some and experiment! It would be really nice reminder of spring at this time of year.

  3. I have some tart cherries stashed away in the freezer!

    Great picks! Def. some stuff that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

  4. You are smart, Whitney! I neglected to freeze enough and already want more.

  5. Good picks, but I already have all that stuff.

  6. We don’t have 10 pounds of frozen cherries, Bryan.

  7. I’m going to need all of that, but – how are you going to pack all that stuff up with you when you come to California?

  8. Jews everywhere would like to thank you for your incredible taste, Tim.

  9. I must have the straws and the clock. amazing! thanks.

  10. Whenever my friend and I are near Merz Apothocary we insist on visiting our favorite Feu de Bois candle, it’s our favoritie! I’m so excited to see it on your list!

  11. OHHHH the DIner Journal! Great Gift!

  12. new to your blog (Design Sponge) and must say – LOVE IT! thanks so much for the source on the fennel pollen – i have a recipe for brined and grilled pork chops; you roll the edges of the chops in fennel pollen. couldn’t find it anywhere in my area so improvised with crushed fennel seeds (fantastic recipe BTW) – will be ordering today!

    AND will be making some of your DELISH cookie recipes – happy to have found you!

  13. Great picks – I personally am in love with everything at Brook Farm General Store… thanks for such an inspiring blog!

  14. I’m new to your blog too (link on 101 Cookbooks) … what a great list! I think I’ll just forward a link to my family and use this as my own wish list! ;)

    Thanks for the great ideas and your amazing cookie series.

  15. this is such a great gift guide! i’ve been dreaming about that clock for a while now… so lovely! have a great trip to la!

  16. I just received Canal House Cooking (Volumes 1 and 2) for Christmas this year. I’m so glad you put the recommendation up on your blog – otherwise I never would have received them. The recipes are approachable yet have a classic homestyle cooking feel. Keep the recommendations coming.

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