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I have been promising you pictures of our new place ever since we moved in. This week’s Time Out Chicago features a nice story on Lottie + Doof and our new apartment written by Jessica Herman. I love her series on Chicagoans homes and am happy to be a part of it. The beautiful photos of our space were taken by the very talented Lizz Sisson, who also keeps a blog. Lizz very kindly sent me some additional photos that didn’t make it into the magazine for me to share with you. Thanks to Jessica and Lizz for a good time and to Bryan for playing along. Click HERE for many more pictures and click through for some bonus photos.

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  1. Great photos on your site. My first visit.

  2. Thanks for sharing these- I love the color palette and the small items of interest/details (like the monogrammed pillow cases) that you guys have scattered around!

  3. Welcome, Eileen!

    Thanks, Amy. Bryan likes to joke that we have a dazzling array of neutrals.

  4. The photos look great! Would you mind sharing where you found your living room carpet–the one under the couch?

  5. Hi Tina, it is a Dash & Albert rug from a while back. Not sure if is still available online….

  6. Thanks Tim–you have inspiring taste!

  7. Love it…just as I would have imagined. Major creativity happening in that spot!

  8. While I’m consumed by jealousy—what a lovely, lovely home—I’m also happy for you! Congrats on the article!

  9. PicklePetunia says:

    January 21st, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    Beautiful home beautiful site.
    Big Fan.

  10. Great article! Your new place looks lovely.

  11. fernanda mendez says:

    January 21st, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    love your blog and your apartment!

  12. Beautiful. You’re going to get even more amazing food pics with all of that natural light!

  13. What a lovely kitchen you have. Here’s to many a home cooked meals coming out of it!

  14. i know you are busy but i posted something for you on my blog: http://xtaben.blogspot.com/

    (and in any case i just wanted to say thanks for your efforts they go so much further for me than any ‘art-world’ ever did.)

  15. Oh dear! I’m over here swooning just as much as I do over your food. Beautiful space!

  16. Thanks, Jane! I like what you do too and am excited to follow you over at ReadyMade!

  17. What a lovely home. I love the knife arrangement, I am thinking about copying it for my new place as well! Do you have any cute ideas for spices as well? I have no clue on how to store them in a space and availability convenient way…

  18. So, so sweet.

  19. Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments.
    Caffettiera- we haven’t figured out spices yet. We have our favorites in magnetic tins on the fridge, which works okay, but most are piled on top of each other in a cabinet. The challenge seems to be finding a place is that is convenient and away from heat and light. Hmmmm….

  20. Warm 'n Flaky says:

    January 22nd, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    Simple, understated and most appealing. What a nice story about you guys!
    I am a loyal follower of your site and I ‘brag’ about you to everyone who matters :-)

  21. so, so serene and lovely! i spent many weekends as a child at sleepovers in oak park at my cousin’s home. love oak park and OPRF is forever seared in my memory!!

  22. Hi,Tim. so simple and clean. It is a lovely space. I also read your story from the Time Out Chicago. Now you and your partner are the first two people I known in Northwestern and Chicago just for food. :)

  23. Congrats on being featured and these are lovely pictures. I love the knives – I just got one of those magnetic holders but haven’t put it up yet. Is there a proper way to store the knives, i.e. tip up or tip down? Something I’ve been wondering…

  24. How exciting, Tim. Your home is beautiful. Smooch.

  25. You have a really lovely house, post more pictures!

  26. it’s simple. but warm.

  27. Disco balls AND water buffalo vertebrae?

    Can I move in?

  28. Beautiful indeed! What a home to entertain in, and live in! You have reignited my passion for white walls! Lovely!

  29. I have been a big fan of your blog for a while now; in fact I have a sheaf of recipes from your website that I have to organize. (Well, okay I have a lot of recipes I have to organize.) I have finally stopped lurking to say hi to a fellow Oak Parker. Hi (waves excitedly) and welcome!

  30. Hey Tim: wow, congrats on the new, stunning space. Your taste isn’t too shabby. Did I not spot a few of my favorite little heath vases on the center of the table? Congrats on the piece. Recognition much deserved!

  31. Thanks for all of the sweet messages!
    And yes, Megan, those are indeed some Heath salt/pepper shakers on the table. They are my favorite.
    Yay to Oak Parkers coming out of hiding! We’re loving Oak Park so far, but are especially looking forward to farmers market season!

  32. Patty Siegel says:

    January 24th, 2010 at 7:14 am

    Tim, my daughter Mikaela shared the article with me and your home is beautiful. I love the mix antique and contemporary touches. She just raved about the pizza! I look forward to meeting you and Bryan when we come to Chicago in the fall. Patty S.

  33. Hi Patty- Thanks for the nice message. We’re looking forward to meeting you too!

  34. When farmers market season arrives, you won’t have to get cherries by mail order. Speaking of which, did you hear that they are thinking about adding a mid-week farmers market? (Fingers crossed.) In the meantime, have you been been to places like Penzeys & Olive and Well & Marion St Cheese Market? Looking forward to your take on some of the local places….

  35. Hey Carollina, I really like all three of those places but I am having trouble getting over how inexcusably bad the service is in the cafe at Marion Street. Especially at lunch. Some of the worst service I have had in my life, especially for a restaurant serving that level of food. I love shopping in the market half of the space and everyone there is so lovely but when I cross over to the cafe I am always frustrated. Have you had that experience too? It is disappointing. But, I keep giving it another chance and hope that one day they improve. I really like the food and love that there is someplace within walking distance of our apartment where we can get burrata and duck fat and any cheese I would want. I have heard the rumors about a second farmers market day and think that is a very good idea. Here’s hoping!

  36. Beautiful! Great article… can’t wait to see how you remodel the kitchen. You have great taste. I love your blog!

  37. What a lovely space! Your taste is impeccable. :)
    Congrats on the article.

  38. Karin's Mom says:

    January 30th, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    I think with the enhancement of nature that your apartment boasts, you need some fossils. Let me know how many.
    Karin’s mom

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