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If you follow me on twitter you probably know that I was recently freaking out about the Angostura bitters shortage which was being written about in several places. My fear wasn’t that the shortage would effect the Manhattan or Old Fashioned I like to drink. I was worried it would effect something much more serious: Your Drink.

The your here refers to Bryan and it is the drink he introduced me to years ago. He would make it for himself all of the time and eventually I was asking for it myself. Can I have Your Drink?
This simple combination of water, bitters and lime juice is somehow immensely satisfying. It has become the soft drink of choice in our house. We think it pairs well with practically any food. It is easily customizable and exists in our house in various forms. Sometimes the water is sparkling, sometimes flat. Sometimes we use fresh lime juice, sometimes we use that little green plastic lime bottle. You could even add a tiny bit of simple syrup if you want it to be sweet, but we would never do that— Bryan would not approve.
I called Bryan at work to tell him about the Angostura shortage and he immediately went out to buy more bottles of bitters. After unsuccessful attempts at a couple of stores he found a few bottles at a liquor store near his work and asked the salesperson if they new about the shortage. They didn’t and assured him they had lots more in back. But better safe than sorry, this stuff has a very special place in our home.

Recently I read somewhere that this drink has a name, but I can’t find it again. I’m hoping one of you can tell me. I think it had something to do with a pastor or a Presbyterian. For more on bitters try this.
Writing a recipe for this doesn’t make much sense because it is more of a technique, and you should vary the proportions to suit your taste.

Your Drink

  • Ice
  • Sparkling/mineral water (or still)
  • Angostura Bitters
  • Lime (or lemon)
  • Simple Syrup (optional)

Fill glass with ice and water. Add a generous squeeze of fresh lime juice and a few dashes of bitters. Stir to combine. Enjoy.

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  1. Where is that pretty glass from Tim?

  2. I think we got them at West Elm a while back. I was inspired by a glass I saw at your place. xoxo

  3. That’s not too far away from the famous & much loved Australian drink, Lemon Lime Bitters. It has ice, angostura bitters, lemon & lime cordial (Bickford’s brand in Oz) or ‘pub squash’ soda, soda water/mineral water or lemonade (like Sprite) depending on the level of sweetness you prefer.

    It’s the beverage of choice for the non-drinkers, and you can get it everywhere here. Outside of Australia…not so much. Thanks for showing me that there are similar drinks out there, though!

  4. Lime or lemon?what are they different?

  5. Thanks, Diane! I LOVE lemon Lime Bitters, too! I’ll have to try this new version (thanks L&D) now that I’m back in the states. I’ve been missing it dearly.

  6. The combination I use to make the Presbyterian is Seltzer, Ginger Ale, Bourbon, and lemon peel. Not sure if that is officially a Presbyterian or not. It’s delicious though.

    After reading this post I am anxious for it to be 5:00 somewhere.

  7. In addition to being a tasty drink, the bitters will also settle an upset stomach. Really works!

  8. That sounds so perfect and refreshing. Makes me wish I thought to pick up bitters in case we get snowed in…

  9. I”m headed to the store to buy me some bitters right now!

  10. i have no idea what it’s called but it sounds yummy! love the glass too!

  11. Sivan Harlap says:

    February 9th, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    I call it bitters and soda and I drink it all the time! It’s my fave drink when I’m out and not drinking, I still feel like I have a fancy drink and am part of the party! I’m definitely a heavy on the bitters kind of girl. My “your drink” is much darker.

  12. Hey Sivan! I think my photos may be a little weird because it looks lighter than usual. Bryan is also heavier on bitters. It just occurred to me recently that I could order this when I was out- brilliant!

  13. love bitters! like the photos too:)

  14. I am from Trinidad, the island that makes Angostura bitters and it’s funny I’ve read that there is a shortage of bitters on the Internet but haven’t heard anything about it at home. This drink is great and it is a version of what we call LLB (Lemon lime Bitters) which is another Angostura product:-)

  15. Love your blog, I’d been wanting to try Angostura bitters for a while now, but couldn’t find them anywhere. Then I read this and thought, no wonder! Plus I live in Arizona, so I figured I would never find them….a couple clerks at liquor stores told me I wouldn’t find them anywhere in the state. Well, I found them last night and bought 3 bottles, can you believe they were at Target? Made, “Your Drink”, it was delicious, then made a Manhattan and it was just what it was missing!

  16. Hey John! I am glad you found Angostura bitters, and love that you found them at Target! Also, glad you liked the drink. They really are great, we even use bitters in sauces and other dishes you might not think. If you are anything like us, this may become the beginning of a love affair with bitters. The last few nights we have been drinking sparkling mineral water with pomegranate juice and orange bitters. Amazing.

  17. Ooo yum! Glad I have the hard to find bitters in my pantry!! Will be making these…I feel the love!! ~Chris Ann

  18. Oooh, I will have to try it with the pomegranate juice. And in cooking, I didn’t even think about that! Sometimes I make a fried egg with blood orange olive oil and butter, but I am out, so I think I’ll try unflavored olive oil with a dash or two of bitters. :)

  19. Hi,
    I drink a drink with bitters, tonic water (quinine) and a slice of lime. Very good! Often when I order the drink in a restaurant, club soda is used and I can readily tell the difference. Try the bitters in tonic water…wonderful!
    I was told once the drink is called a South Hampton.

  20. I’ve had this before–a friend actually made it for me as a hangover cure and I have been hooked ever since. Delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Maria King says:

    May 16th, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    We just played a wonderful round of golf in Scottsdale, AZ with a delightful couple from Melborne, Australia. We joined for a drink after and they introduced us to this delightful drink. I enjoyed it so much that I promptly went to the store and purchased club soda, fresh lime and bitters. Wonderful!

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