Recent Acquisitions: Spring Fever Edition

Ranunculus are one of my favorite flowers. They are beautiful in bunches or as single stems and they even look good as they are dying (for real!). The bunch pictured above are from one of my favorite internet friends, A Rockridge Life. Elizabeth’s site is always inspiring and her floral arrangements are incredibly beautiful. (photo courtesy of A Rockridge Life)


This isn’t just any spoon. I mean, look at this thing—it is so beautiful! It is made using an 18th century spoon mold and hand forged and polished. It is a real work of art and perfect for serving up some fresh berries or a generous scoop of whipped cream. Also, it is dishwasher safe which makes me immeasurably happy.

I already wrote about these aprons over at ReadyMade, but wanted to share my own with you. The other day I realized I was choosing what to wear based on what would look good with my apron. Yikes!

Bryan and I have been drinking cherry juice with sparkling water and a dash of orange bitters or a squeeze of lime juice. It is a pretty refreshing soft drink and gets me excited for cherry season. Make sure it is 100% cherry juice.

My friends at Amenity Home sent me these wooden serving trays and I am in love with them. So much so that they have been sitting out on display ever since they arrived. I like using them for crackers, cookies and appetizers. Amenity is a great site, I spend too much time dreaming about this bed frame.

I first tried this strange product at Lula Cafe in Chicago and was immediately drawn to the distinct pine flavor. Syrup is extracted from pine cones and buds and turned into this potent nectar. A few drops are transformative. Try it on salads, ice cream, or in cocktails—the possibilities are endless.


I like listening to music when I cook. But it needs to be the right music. I have been enjoying Joanna Newsom’s latest album, especially in the kitchen. I acknowledge she isn’t for everyone, although I think she gets dismissed a little too easily. For those of you who love her genius lyric writing and astonishing harp playing as much as I do, make sure you give this newest creation a listen. And in case you missed it, Jody Rosen’s profile of Newsom in the NY Times is a great read.

29 comments to “Recent Acquisitions: Spring Fever Edition”

  1. where oh where did you find that fabulous fruit spoon? what a find!



  2. Tim, you should be a catalogue.

  3. Hey Heather, I just realized that the format makes it a little unclear but the titles are all links, so click on through to Beekman 1802 to find the spoon. It is a really interesting company with lots of good ideas and products.

  4. Thank you for turning me on to Elizabeth’s site – her floral arrangements are simply beautiful. Peonies are my absolute favorite flowers, and she uses them to gorgeous effect.

  5. been recently drinking pure concord grape juice with soda water, but cherry sounds good as well!

  6. Beautiful Tim – LOVE the spoon and have had my eye on the apron since your post over at ReadyMade! Come to think of it – I want everything on the above list!!

  7. Ranunculus are one of my favorite flowers too, what a beautiful site, and that spoon is gorgeous!

    The pine extract intrigues me. I was on the coast of Oregon last year and there was a wonderful old “hippie” man handing out some of his pine water. It was so refreshing and tasted like the pine trees, but subtle. I don’t think anyone’s actually bottled it yet though! Ice cream would be fabulous!

  8. Hey Jacqui, what was the pine water? Like a tea? Seems really interesting…

  9. A memo must have gone across the blogosphere to buy ranunculus on the weekend! These are beautiful. And I’m in love with the spoon. And the trays. Oh my!

  10. Ranunculus fever is sweeping the nation!

  11. I just discovered Joanna Newsom, she’s so talented and distinctive! I bet listening to her while cooking could inspire some interesting dishes!

  12. That cherry juice cocktail sounds quite refreshing.

  13. It’s warm enough in Chicago to need refeshing with juice? How unfair, sigh. Here in Austria it’s spring…ish.

  14. I’m in love with that apron.. Someday I would love to be a proud owner of one of those aprons! But for now I’ll see if I I can make my own version of it..

    Also I’m just curious what your favorite Joanna Newsom album is? For me it’ll always be The Milk Eyed Mender.

  15. Hello Watson,
    I like all of her albums, although if I had to name one favorite I would probably choose Ys. I think a DIY version of the apron is a great idea!

  16. Tim, you just knock me out. I don’t know another adult living soul who is into Joanna. My teen-aged (then) son introduced me to The Milk Eyed-Mender back in ’04, and I’ve loved her ever since. Great kitchen tunes! Beside your cherry juice beverage, I also wanted you to know that we’ve been sipping Bryan’s favorite, the sparkling water with lime and bitters. I’ve been using cherry bitters, and everyone thinks I’m magical for serving it! Thank you. Lottie + Doof has become a household name with us!

  17. I’ve fallen in love with that apron…they are my weakness.

  18. Thanks for providing a relaxing respite in the midst of a hectic day…images are fabulous.

  19. Thanks for all of the nice comments, folks!

  20. I’ve never had pine syrup, but I did buy cedar jelly and spruce beer in Quebec last month. I haven’t tried them yet as right now I’m still in maple mode…

  21. Wonderful luxurious items. I can dream, can’t I?
    One worry, Tim – does the pine flavoring conjure memories of Pinesol?

  22. I like how you’re showing more of your artistic side. love you.

  23. Hey Martin! Sorry for the delayed response. No, it doesn’t conjure any memories of cleaning products, at least not for me. But it is best used in small amounts, as it is a pretty intense flavor.

  24. it cracks me up that you were deciding what to wear with your apron in mind. hehe. do you keep it on while entertaining guests? fantastic!

  25. I love everything in this post. And need that apron immediately.

  26. Thanks, Hannah! The aprons are so beautiful! Even better in person.

  27. i love pretty things! also–i’ve totally pulled that “what will look good with my apron” move before.

  28. That apron is rocking my socks.

  29. I recently discovered your blog the other day and have been scouring your entire site. I’m officially obsessed, and love you even more for worrying about matching your outfit to your apron!

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