Bonus: The Poacher

So, you have made your beautiful quince pie and have a cup or two of poaching liquid left over (I ended up with 1 3/4 cups). It would be unforgivable for you to pour it down the drain. What to do? Have a drink! The poaching liquid was too beautiful and fragrant for me to ignore, so I decided to invent a cocktail. This is a good idea for any future leftover poaching liquid (pear tarts?). All you need to do is strain the liquid into a jar and keep it in the refrigerator until ready to use.

The Poacher (as I’ve named my creation) is an absolutely delicious drink for autumn, combining the flavors of quince, maple and vanilla with rye. This alone will convince some of you to make the quince biscuit pie (you know who you are). It makes me want to poach more fruit and invent more drinks.

The Poacher

Place a few cubes of ice in a cocktail shaker. Add poaching liquid, rye, and dash of bitters and shake vigorously for a few seconds. Strain into a cocktail coupe.

Of course you can try this with different proportions and even different alcohols. This is a little sweeter than I normally like my drinks, but I think it works perfectly. Have fun.

13 comments to “Bonus: The Poacher”

  1. Genius.

  2. tim,
    exceptional creativity…pure genius!
    keep poaching & inventing…OMG!

    i would try vodka…with the poaching liquid…would you use a splash of ginger ale??

  3. Hey Linda,
    Yes, I was actually thinking that ginger beer (or ale) could be nice with the syrup for a non-alcoholic drink. You might have to play around with the vodka, since it lacks flavor (especially compared to whiskey) but totally worth a try!

  4. The sign of a true chef. I love bonus recipes. Nice work.

  5. ooh, sounds lovely! great photo too.

  6. Do you think the syrup would also be good over vanilla ice cream or would it be too sweet?

  7. I think the syrup would be good in any application. You could reduce it even further for a more concentrated syrup and drizzle over vanilla ice cream. You could use it as a soda syrup and mix with sparkling water. All sorts of possibilities!

  8. That stuff is totally the best! I love it over whole wheat pancakes (reduced down a bit) with some greek yogurt. And that pie yesterday looked so so good…man I love cornmeal in crusts.

  9. We have made cocktails with the poaching liquid from our peaches. Makes a lovely Bellini.

  10. tim,
    thanks for the speedy reply…i am going to play around with the vodka…maybe flavored vodka…

  11. mmmm! i always save fruit poaching liquid…that stuff is gold. usually i make sodas or champagne drinks from them (or reduce to ice cream syrup), but this sounds downright good, and i love the name!

  12. Love you how don’t wast anything


  13. Tim—I’m looking back through some of your old posts and found this. Funny how it’s exactly the same situation as my spring rhubarb poaching-liquid cocktail! Great minds…

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