I’ve been distracted.

By things like the view above. Cape Cod. Provincetown. Massachusetts. Bryan and I recently spent some beautiful days in Massachusetts. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love that state.

We had one of the most wonderful dinners in recent memory at Oleana in Cambridge. Such a special place full of both good food and good people. It was totally perfect. I wish it were down the street. We ate the freshest of fresh oysters at the Provincetown farmers market and fried dough from the Portugese Bakery. I was happy to discover A & J King Bakery in Salem and will look forward to the next time I can eat one of their walnut sticky buns. We shared plates of Italian cookies from Mike’s in celebration of my best friend’s engagement.

You see, there were a lot of distractions. But I am back, and just in time for farmers market bliss. Stone fruit, berries and more vegetables than I know what to with. So forgive these last few quiet summer weeks, and know that I am doing what I hope you are doing- enjoying this crazy hot summer. I’ll be back in business this week with some updates on what has been cooking in my kitchen. xo

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  1. …Yay! You’re back! *applause* :o)

    …Oh Massachusetts. Love.*sigh* Lucky you. ;o)

    …Sounds like a wonderful time to be had, can’t wait for the details!

    …Blessings :o)

  2. We spent the 4th of July in Provincetown! We went to Boston on Friday and on Saturday hopped the ferry to Provincetown. We stayed almost at the end of the Cape so I understand why you might be distracted. It was such a wonderful place and it was a great place for food!

  3. Happy to hear you are enjoying your summer!! Besides the gorgeous dunes and the ridiculously fresh seafood, p-town will forever be linked to Governor Bradford bar’s drag queen karaoke night for me.

  4. I used to live down the road from Oleana. It was fantastic.

  5. it is wonderful to be able to enjoy the beauty of new england…we were just in vermont with its’ magnificent & majestic landscape.

    …looking forward to joining you on your “updates.”

  6. That’s what summer is for, right? Distractions.

  7. fried dough? could this be malasadas? <3

  8. I distracted myself this weekend by embarking on my own baking adventure. Made French chocolate macarons with a chocolate ganache filling. But it can’t beat the great outdoors of Cape Cod.

  9. Kartik- how did the macarons turn out? that sounds like a fun project!
    ginny lee- indeed! and so delicious.

  10. Tim, surprisingly awesome, and pretty straightforward. I posted pics on my blog. David Lebovitz’s recipe seems to do wonders. The other possibility is that I might have just lucked out :)

  11. Maybe WORK is actually a distraction from the beauty of moments such as these :)
    lovely post!

  12. Oh, happy distraction. I would say that I hope you could make it a little further down the east coast, but I would never wish this heat wave upon you.

    You take your sweet time coming back, Tim. Summer is the time for lazy breaks.

  13. That’s a lovely photo. I was in Rockport, MA over the Fourth of July and the harbor there looks similar….

    I have to admit — I’ve been to Mike’s a million times and i’ve never had anything but cannoli.

  14. This picture is just beautiful!

  15. Hi, Tim! Understandable how you might get distracted :) This is my first time commenting, but I’ve been quietly following your blog for a while now. I live in Chicago as well and especially love your posts on local Chicago people and places. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi! Look forward to the next update from the kitchen!

  16. That is a stunning view and I really enjoy Portuguese bread. Glad you enjoyed.

  17. Elyse Kelly says:

    July 26th, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    Beautiful photo. I live right down the street from AJ King – everything they make is absolutely delicious!

  18. Gorgeous! My family and I took a trip up to Cape Cod and Provincetown many years ago, but I’ll never forget how lovely it was! Glad you’re enjoying some time away before the summer’s over (is it too soon for that kind of talk?).

  19. What a gorgeous shot. I love the Cape and I’m a big fan of Martha’s Vineyard myself. Such a gorgeous area with so many hidden spots!

  20. isn’t Provincetown lovely?? I had the amazing opportunity to go to a week-long writers fellowship there and our classes were held in Norman Mailer’s house!! right on the water. it was May and kind of gloomy every morning, but sooo very pretty nonetheless. I had the best lobster roll ever there too.

  21. OLEANA!! We ate there this weekend and the hospitality was without equal.

  22. So glad you found all the best (and my favorite) eateries in MA, especially Oleana. Come again just to try the related bakery in Cambridge called Sofra. Yum! Fortunately (or unfortunately) A & J King is about three blocks away, doable even in a snow storm when you need a walnut sticky bun fix.

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