Lottie + Doof + Helen Rosner = !!!! (4)

I had read Helen Rosner’s writing for many years before I finally had the pleasure of meeting her. She is as charming, witty, and warm as her words and I am very happy that she agreed to take a break from her work at Saveur and contribute to the anniversary celebration. I wanted a poem (we needed some culture around here), and she provided.

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Not yet having eaten your dinner,
And there you will find irrefutable proof
Of why you don’t get any thinner.

Each photo will drive you to whip up a snack,
These exquisitely cropped coups de grace:
From an overhead shot of a pie on a rack
To a beautifully-laid mise en place.

Whatever your taste, you’ll know what to make;
Your delight Tim will aid and abet,
With his black-pepper tofu, his poppy-seed cakes,
His lebkuchen, his cider vinaigrettes.

When I’m hungry I’ll visit, my palate to sweeten
With mouthwatering pictures and text.
And even if (as ever) I’ve only just eaten,
I’ll dream of the meals to come next.

 – Helen Rosner

8 comments to “Lottie + Doof + Helen Rosner = !!!! (4)”

  1. HA! love it!! happy blog birthday, tim.

  2. Thanks, Jenny! I am really enjoying this week of guests and am looking forward to Helen’s first book of poetry.

  3. Adorable, love the poem!

  4. Love it!!!

  5. Sweet!!! Love it. A very joyful blog anniversary to you :-)

  6. I really love this… So much that I’m thinking of getting it embroidered on my apron… <3

  7. Thanks, Mira! I like that idea. ; )

  8. aha awesome!

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