Marriage Equality and Some Random Pies


I am DJing at The Hideout next Monday. As one does.

I’ll be playing some of my favorite music at Chicago’s legendary Hideout, to support the campaign for marriage equality in Illinois. I’m proud to be a part of this fun night that includes guest DJ’s, a team of awesome hosts and some of our local politicians—in addition to a cakewalk (Floriole! Rare Bird! Rustic Tart!), a silent auction, and lots more fun. We’re all gathering to generate awareness, raise money, and recruit volunteers for the campaign to give gay and lesbian couples the right to marry. It will be a great night that supports a cause that is very close to my heart. Bryan and I were married two years ago (in Massachusetts), and we would like to see our commitment recognized in our home state. We would also like for other couples to have the option to marry the person they love in Illinois…and for freedom to ring loud and proud across the country.

I hope some of you will come out and support the cause. It would be fun to meet you there. Also, I have never DJ’d anywhere other than my living room, so I could really use the support!

Monday, September 16th from 7-10pm. More information (and tickets) HERE.


I am behind on posts, so in an effort to catch up with some of what has been happening, I present two pies:


At the end of the day, sour cherry pie is probably my favorite. I tried this recipe for Twice-Baked Sour Cherry Pie for the first time earlier in the summer. It may be my new favorite. You blind bake the crust and then cleverly top the filling with some rounds of dough. It avoids the soggy bottom problem, and sure is nice to look at. Hopefully you froze some sour cherries for a recipe just like this one.


Plum Chutney Crumb Pie is as good as it sounds. Full of spices and complex flavors, it is perfect for this time of year as summer slips into autumn.


Both recipes are from my girl Melissa Clark. She sure can cook.


21 comments to “Marriage Equality and Some Random Pies”

  1. That plumb chutney crumb pie is calling me all the way down here in Australia. If I could attend your event I’d be there waving flags. It’s way past time that everyone should be able to marry whomever they want. It’s time for inclusion – that’s when we all grow as a people. My grandson is in Atlanta and when he can marry I’ll be first down the aisle!

  2. What kind of plums? In particular, prune plums or not?

  3. Melissa Clark is so reliable – sweets, savories, she knows it all. These look awesome. And break a leg on the 16th! If I lived near Chicago, I would definitely come out to support this great cause.

  4. A- the recipe just calls for plums. I have no idea. I don’t know what prune plums are, so I am guessing I didn’t use them.

  5. You DJing?! I’ll try to round up some friends! We are all about equality.

    I love that cherry pie so, so much. It is definitely one of my favourites. Plum chutney crumb also sounds lovely. I will try to have to make some time for it soon.

  6. I wish I could be there! I would love to dance the night away in support of equality! Please make a post of some of your favorite tunes – I would love to listen to a Tim mix.

  7. Okay, that pie topping of dough circles? Genius! Yours looks beautiful.

  8. Cake AND the opportunity to hear you DJ? That’s a winning combo. Sending my support from Nor. Cali.! xo

  9. DJ?! Um, so jealous! Can we get your top 5 songs from the night?! Awesome event, awesome people!

  10. Go for it! I so appreciate the work you are doing to bring marriage equality to Illinois. Thank you for taking the time to remind us of these recipes. They look delicious.

  11. What do I think? I think you (and your site) are just fantastic! Would love to be there. We are, however, In Mexico. We will be celebrating 51 years together next February. Maybe you could DJ that! Best to you always.

  12. I LOVE that you are guest DJing the same event Steve Albini is guest DJing!! Amaaazing. Wish I could go!!

  13. Aw man, what a great event! Wish I was in the Chi. How I love the good ol’ Hideout. GO GET ‘EM!!

  14. We have just had a federal election here in Australia and marriage equality was a big issue being discussed. Many Australians support it, but neither of the two major political parties seem to want to get on board. I feel that if people are lucky enough to find someone they would like to spend their life with, then who is to say they can’t? I remember your wedding post and thought it was beautiful.

    Love Melissa Clark’s recipes too – the plum pie looks delicious.

  15. I send my support from Portland, Oregon.

  16. I’d love to support the event and hear your play list, but my home is Pennsylvania. I hope it’s a very successful event. : ) Don’t know how I missed the Melissa Clark Twice-Baked Sour Cherry Pie recipe, but I have several 2# bags of sour cherries in my freezer so this will be made very soon.

  17. Sending our support from Minnesota!!

  18. Hi Tim! I will see you at the event! I am beyond excited (particularly that you are DJing). Now, as soon as I am done fasting for Yom Kippur, I will be trying out these pies!

  19. Wow! Made the crumble tonight but with out the crust. Short on time. It was plum delicious! All best wishes in your direction for tomorrow’s gig from Napa Valley. We’ll raise a glass and I’ve no doubt your tracks will be as brilliant as your pies. Cheers!

  20. schneiderluvsdoof says:

    September 30th, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    You did an awesome job DJing. Let Freedom Ring! She’s like a rainbowwwww!

  21. I made a “gake” to celebrate the Equality :) I am so grateful to be living in American where I too can get married to my princess one day! I have come out only recently and am proud of being ME!

    With that being said, I wanted to share my blog with you. It is

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