I Woke Up Like This


The end of the year is nigh, and I am going to take a little break. I intended to post one last recipe, but then Beyoncé up and released an album (14 songs! 17 videos!) on Friday and I have been watching and listening to it like it’s my job (I wish it were my job!). I feel like I’m in high school again obsessing over an album and having a hard time talking about anything else. I apologize to anyone who crossed my path this week because I definitely made you talk about Beyoncé with me. I mean, she samples a talk on feminism by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on the album! So, Bey has distracted me from any cooking I might have planned on doing. Blame her! And then download the album and usher in the new year with Yoncé. Who needs food?

On a serious (and random?) cooking-related note, I also highly recommend these potatoes which are absolutely fantastic (and can be made in advance!). I plan on making them for every holiday dinner forever.

I’ll be back in January with more food and miscellanea. But I wanted to check in one last time before the new year and say that I hope 2014 is the best year yet, for all of you. Thanks for making this such a great place to hang out. See you soon! xo

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12 comments to “I Woke Up Like This”

  1. I would totally start a fanatically fab fan club called ‘Bow Down to the Brilliance of Queen B’. I’m simply obsessed, can you tell?

  2. I’m ready for my roller skates again after watching “Blow”. Started practicing my crossovers with my slippers on!

  3. Yes, yes, yes.

  4. Happy Holidays from sunny Beirut!! xx

  5. You are too funny. See you next year!

  6. super gorgeous image! happy end of year and beginning of anew!

  7. I like that snowy droopy tree and I love that you are immersed in Beyonce! Happy Holidays, Tim!!!

  8. Oh, the mashed potato casserole with sour cream and chives looks yummy! I will have to give it a try this year. Happy holidays!

  9. Looks like you prayed for snow. :-) Happy Holidays!!!

  10. Amazing! Queen Bey is the culprit for many a lost afternoon, I agree! Go with it! Love reading your posts – they always make smile! Thanks for a great year of blogging. Bonnie

  11. juuust catching up on my blogs after returning from my honeymoon in ‘Nam, and I had to comment on this because I’ve been unable to put down Americanah for the last few days! I nabbed it from the “give a book, take a book” library at a resort we stayed at. It’s totally amazing. So cool that she’s on the new Beyonce album. I gotta check it out! Thanks!

  12. I made those potatoes for Christmas dinner. They were amazing.Thanks for the recommendation! —S

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