I started following Caity Weaver on Twitter because of the essay she wrote about her experiences aboard a Paula Deen cruise (yes, that is a thing). I liked that essay a lot. But what I have grown to like even more, are her responses to Martha Stewart on Twitter. She’s amazing (and so is Martha).


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  1. I agree; Caity is the funniest writer on Gawker. Her descriptors of Justin Bieber are the best thing to ever happen to Justin Bieber.

  2. YES! Love Caity. I first discovered her on The Hairpin. “Sometimes State Flags…” and “Sometimes State Quarters…” still make me cry-laugh, three years later.

  3. Thanks for this, can’t wait to read Caity’s cruise essay and more Twitter posts! Happy Friday!

  4. Hilarious! Now I’m going to have to start following her.

  5. My first question is what’s a wuestion? :) I follow a few celebrities on Twitter, and I’m amazed at how many don’t even do basic spell check before hitting ‘Tweet’. Considering they’re trying to create an ‘image’ it’s not always the right one LOL.

  6. I love this kind of stuff—just laughed out loud after a very stressful day, thanks for sharing. :)

  7. marilyn khalil says:

    July 12th, 2014 at 9:05 pm

    IS this still a food blog? We are due for some of your creative recipes which is why you have such a loyal following.
    Recipes PLEASE!!!!

  8. Aggh! I love Caity Weaver soooo much!! Have you read her ‘best restaurant in NY’ series on Gawker? It is the BEST!!

  9. That last one is killing me!

  10. Hi Marilyn- I thought it was still a food blog. Here’s the thing: I don’t really like you yelling at me, it’s not very fun. PLEASE stop.

  11. Natasha- I love those restaurant reviews. Especially the Armani Store!

  12. HA! Thank you for this. This feels like the only right way to respond to the cray marthatweets.

  13. Caity’s descent into mozzarella-stick-madness from last week still has me howling.

  14. Haha! So funny….love it :)

  15. Hi Tim, I just discovered your blog thanks to Basque Cake. Loved your Amanda Rockman recipe! However, I am posting a comment to give you a thumbs up to the Caity Weaver shout out. She is hysterical. As for the restaurant series, the American Girl Store restaurant review was the best.

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