After a few weeks of house guests and travels, I am about to get back into this. But for now, please make yourself some horchata. Apricots will be gone before we know it. This is delicious as a mid-afternoon snack or even for dessert with a shortbread cookie. The recipe for this apricot horchata is here. XO


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  1. Ack! Just last week (or the week before) on Twitter, I was lamenting that an horchata delivery service didn’t exist. Apparently there’s an horchata latte in town, of which I’m wary. But horchata. Horchata forever!

  2. Our farmers’ markets still have plenty of apricots, so I can see this in my immediate future.

  3. Apricot horchata! That sounds amazing. Hm, if adding good ol’ rum to regular horchata is a good move, what spirit would you add to this one?

  4. glad to have a post from you! excited to see what future bloggings bring.

  5. Way to make this look way more gorgeous than the magazine did! Quit your day jobs! Wow…. this sounds so delicious. Apricots are the cutest and tastiest fruit! HORCHATA! Yes.

  6. Have always wanted to try horchata, and love apricots – will try this now (if some apricots are still around), or I’ll definitely save the recipe for next summer.

  7. yes!

  8. Apricots + Horchata = Winning!

  9. This apricot horchata is very delicious. This would be perfect for my afternoon snacks.

  10. I recently made horchata and drank pretty much all of it in two days so adding another ingredient like apricots looks amazing…and dangerous! Thanks for sharing, it sounds like the perfect summer drink.

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