The Shortbread


My friend Marjory started The Shortbread, a new online project about food. It features interviews with a diverse collection of people about their personal relationships with food. I love it and I am really looking forward to following along. I was honored to be included in the project, you can read an interview with me here. xo

6 comments to “The Shortbread”

  1. Yayyy!!

  2. Nice snapshot of you.

  3. I love, “Don’t be an asshole.” It should be really simple for most people to follow that but sadly…

  4. Nice interview. Even nicer to be married to your love. Happy for you.

  5. Fun to read! Thanks for sharing. Also, um, plum caramel?! Please share this recipe!

  6. I second Maureen: what I loved about your interview the most was your “Food Philosophy”- just don’t be an asshole. Yes. I can get behind that. I like you because you don’t seem at all pretentious, just earnest and sweet, even. Let’s all eat chalupas, right?

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