I am currently living like the one percent.

Usually I dismiss $65 jars of honey or spice blends when I see them written up in publications. I am naturally skeptical and also aware of the PR machine that drives most food journalism these days, so I assume the products are bullshit. Except for when I don’t. Like when I pay $50 (DOES. NOT. INCLUDE. SHIPPING.) for a panettone because Charlotte Druckman told me to. Druckman appreciates a good pastry more than most people and her NY Times article convinced me this was an important financial investment. Also, I was able to use the excuse of Valentine’s Day to justify this as a gift to myself (and Bryan, I guess).DSC00571

Well, the posh panettone arrived from the kitchen of pastry chef Roy Schvartzapel yesterday. I cannot overstate the wonders of this panettone. It is the actual, literal Best. I have eaten many panettones in my day, and some of them I genuinely enjoyed and none of them, in retrospect, came anywhere near this amazing loaf of gluten and sugar-filled magic. It is both incredibly rich and light as a feather. The additions to the dough (in my case, pistachios, raspberries, and milk chocolate) are of the highest quality. The crunchy sugar clinging to the dome is a dream. It is perfect and is truly worth every penny. Roy, you’ve convinced me. Will buy from seller again. I love you.

But can we talk about the packaging? At first I was like, cool—nice packaging! Then I realized how much the packaging looks like fragrance packaging from the 90’s, like some knock-off Calvin Klein fragrance. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But then I started to read the packaging and Roy started to make me a little nervous. He gets kind of intense:




Gotta love his passion, though!

So, I am here to help empower you to spend your paycheck on a panettone. Because you’re worth it. Also, they keep for two three weeks so you can be eating this for a while. Also, Valentines Day. Actually, now that I think of it, the best person to buy one is a single person who lives along because you get to eat all of the bread yourself. Bryan, unfortunately, thinks he is entitled to half of mine.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

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  1. Sure, you can tell us all about this and how great it is, because I just went to the website to look and they are “SOLD OUT”.

  2. Yeah, it sounds like they got slammed with Valentines Day orders…but will be back in stock soon! Patience, Louise! ; )

  3. Looks stunning, Tim. I’m all for the “you deserve it” rationale when it comes to good food! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Bryan.

  4. You convinced me. I read the article, and although I am often persuaded to spend stupid amounts of money on foodstuffs, for whatever reason practiced restraint this time. I will order when restocked.

  5. Looks and sounds fabulous, love the ingredients; would like to make my own sometime, but in this case, the experts prevail.

  6. we need recipes, yo!!

  7. Love this. Happy valentine’s day! –S

  8. As a rule I don’t like pannetone but after reading this you have me convinced I’ve just never had a good one. Anything that combines raspberries, pistachios, and milk chocolate sounds good in my book. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  9. Tim – I think since you’ve been eating one of the best panettone available, you should step up to the Panettone Challenge and create or find a great recipe for us. :-)

  10. schneiderluvsdoof says:

    February 16th, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    I love Roy’s passion!

  11. I had a boyfriend who once showed up at my doorstep with a panettone he’d made, which blew my mind. Delicious (and the boyfriend wasn’t bad either).
    And now I want panettone.

  12. Thank you for the suggestion. I always look for new ways of ‘self care’ and I really believe that this would be a great way. I bet it’s insanely delicious, as well!


  13. Panettone will forever represent my dad, as his total obsession with the bread is pretty outstanding (he never shares).

  14. I found an excellent use for bargain (four dollars from the consolidation store) panettone this spring: bread pudding. Highly recommended.

  15. That packaging is just dying for a “If you like Panettone, you’ll LOVE…” moniker, a la:

  16. FINALLY these were in stock again! Just got two flavors to try with friends. How long did yours stay good for?

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