New Mexico

I’m not a good enough writer to be able to capture New Mexico in a meaningful way. So rather than disappoint us both, here is a list of ten things you should do when you go there. Which you will.

1. Tour Georgia O’Keeffe’s Home and Studio in Abiquiu followed by lunch at El Farolito and hiking at Ghost Ranch—truly the best day possible.

2. Hike at Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, take the Canyon trail all the way.

3. Eat lunch at The Kitchen at Plants of the Southwest and be sure to get an iced tea and tell Olive I said hello.

4. Become a breakfast regular at Dolina (home of the happiest staff on earth?) and try everything on the menu in a week.

5. Eat a green chile cheeseburger at Santa Fe Bite or Shake Foundation—they’re great.

6. Shop for straw hats at The Man’s Hat Shop in Albuquerque before meeting friends at the ridiculously beautiful Los Poblanos for dinner.

7. Take the high road to Taos and stop at Rancho de Chimayo for some of the best New Mexican food possible.

8. Get to Bandelier National Monument right when they open and have ancient cliff dwellings to yourself.

9. Wander around downtown Santa Fe and shop at Shiprock and Santa Fe Vintage, check out museums, or head over to the incredible farmers market on a Saturday morning.

10. Smell that air, the best I’ve ever had.



16 comments to “New Mexico”

  1. This looks magical. Thanks for all of the recommendations.

  2. Shannon Murphy says:

    May 10th, 2018 at 3:45 pm

    Oh man! I saw you post on the The Kitchen’s instagram and wondered how you knew there. This is my town! You picked some good spots :)

  3. Susan Kennedy says:

    May 11th, 2018 at 8:12 am

    I moved from New Mexico to Mexico years ago and your lovely photos brought back such fond memories. Thanks

  4. You nailed it!

  5. I’ve been waiting eagerly for this post! Lovely photos, I’m itching to get back. No place like it, especially that air and sky.

  6. my home planet! <3 <3

  7. Tim, So glad to see you visited NM. I grew up in northern New Mexico (in Austin now) so I really look forward to my visits home. It’s such a beautiful place. You’re right, the food at Rancho de Chimayo is amazing. Now you made me crave a stuffed sopapilla with red chile.
    Your pictures turned out great, you captured it well.

  8. Thanks…great pictures! I was just sitting here in the cool damp of MI daydreamin’ about the desert.

  9. wow. wow!!!

  10. Thank you for sharing all these amazing pictures! You’ve convinced me to visit for sure.

  11. I love your pictures!!! I spent my 20’s in Albuquerue and I miss New Mexico like a long lost lover. Tent rocks is one of my most favorite places.

  12. Thank you for posting these. It looks a lot like the spots I have gone on my trips to New Mexico.

    I love your site. Thanks for all your great work.

  13. These photos are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them and inspiring me to return to New Mexico. Just gorgeous.

  14. Thinking of visiting Chicago for the first time, and always loving your posts in general, dropped by your page today…and discovered the New Mexico tour of my chilly Canadian dreams! Like some kind of travel oracle I didn’t even know I needed.

  15. I’m not normally compelled to write comments on blogs, but each time I’ve experienced a traumatic event in the past few years, I always finds myself here for respite, at what is one of the most understated but aesthetically beautiful blogs on the net. It always brings me a moment of utter joy and I have benefitted further in many different ways – everything from having a US company (I’m in london) photocopy every months magazine they created after your post of a chocolate and caramel tart – to wonderful gifts during the holiday season. Thank you.

  16. Thanks for all of the nice notes, all.

    Amanda: Always happy to provoke travel!

    A: Seriously the nicest comment. Thanks, it means a lot. And UGH why is it so hard to be a person?? Wishing you lots of good things.

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