The Rich Brothers

In the opening of Garden Rescue, a British garden makeover show, Harry Rich, speaking for himself and his brother David, says, “We want to be the brothers who change people’s perception of gardeners.” I’ve seen him say this dozens of times in the past few weeks because watching Garden Rescue has become my singular focus. To clarify, my interest is in the Rich Brothers, the program is simply a means of distribution. If you don’t know, Harry and David Rich are brothers who garden—which would be largely unremarkable if it were not for the fact that they are also hot.

I learned about them from another gardening obsession of mine, Monty Don. “Britain’s Favourite Gardener” if you believe (I do!) the narrator of his own garden makeover show, Big Dreams, Small Spaces. (Imagine living in a nation with a favo(u)rite gardener!) Monty, who in addition to being a total dreamboat has, in recent years, become my style icon. He makes classic British workwear look so good and hopefully will help usher us into a new era of loosely fitting, sturdy, and practical clothing. You can keep your added stretch and skinny whatever. Anyway, Monty posted a photo of himself and Harry Rich at Chelsea, as those of us in the know call the Chelsea Flower Show, a yearly event presented by the Royal Horticultural Society that succinctly highlights one of the many differences between our nation and the UK. They have a week-long sold-out gardening show that is televised nightly on a major network, attended by royalty as well as tens of thousands of commoners. But the point is that Monty posts this photo of himself and Harry Rich at Chelsea and I’m like: WHAT.


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Tribute to Old Town – sharing the same tailor with Harry Rich

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The Instagram post lead me down an internet rabbit hole related to these very attractive (did I mention they are attractive?) Welsh brothers who, I learn, have a landscape design firm, really wonderful personal style (I mean), and a television program that I’ve been watching almost daily for weeks. Weeks. Every time I do Harry repeats this, ” We want to be the brothers who change people’s perception of gardeners” thing. It’s a funny phrase. I guess the brothers part makes it funny? As if a prophecy foretold of brothers who are destined to change our perception of gardeners. And there is Harry all: WE ARE THOSE BROTHERS. Also, I am not sure I need the perception of gardeners changed. Do I? Especially when Monty Don, the most popular gardener in their country, is basically the coolest person I know of? But Harry is so earnest when he says it that I really do want him to succeed.

At this point you may be starting to wonder where this is going and I can assure you, nowhere.

When we started the show (yes, Bryan is on this journey with me) we were initially drawn to Harry. He looks like an early 20th century movie star, with his mesmerizing eyes (maybe too mesmerizing! Bryan will often just randomly utter those eyes while we’re watching an episode), and his high waisted trousers and perfect hair. He has the most intense listening face I have ever seen, like, when he looks at you he SEES you. I would definitely not be able to maintain eye contact (or would I!?). He also seems, in many ways, like the millennial heir apparent to Monty Don. But after watching more of the show David’s charms are revealed. He is the younger brother, but taller, and his style could best be described as British gardener who’d rather be surfing or skateboarding (which is maybe My Type?). He’s playful! He has some pretty glorious flow, which if you’ve seen Bryan lately you know I am into. He also is funny in a goofy dad-joke sort of way, and has such pretty, sad eyes. Also, his dungarees. He is definitely the casual hot brother to Harry’s more formal hot brother.

But choosing between the brothers is unnecessary and unfair. We get them both.

Up to this point I have mostly focused on the superficial appeal of the Rich Brothers. I would be remiss if I didn’t also acknowledge that they do seem to be genuinely talented. The format of the show has the brothers pitted against Charlie Dimmock (deserving of her own lengthy essay!) competing for the chance to design the homeowners garden. They present their designs to the prospective clients in an awkward pitch scene that has the brothers using phrases like “quite architectural” and “lovely texture”. And Harry always with those eyes! I usually prefer the Rich Brother’s designs—they have a nice sense of form and space and material. They feel modern. It makes sense that their rad personal style is simply a reflection of their design skills and good taste. I would definitely want them to design my garden.

That is not a euphemism.

[Image credits: Harry Rich by Luca Campri for Mr. Porter, David Rich by Kofi Paintsil, The Rich Brothers via Twitter]

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  1. 👀 whoaaaa

  2. welp, there goes all my free time for the next few weeks. thanks TM!

  3. Ashley Butler says:

    August 21st, 2019 at 9:42 am

    really just could not possibly love you more – you too bryan

  4. Monty Don is basically an emotional support animal for me at this point…I have a BritBox subscription just so I can watch the latest seasons of “Gardener’s World”, and love all his shows. I haven’t heard of the Rich Brothers, but…is it terrible that I’m skeptical of a younger version of Monty?? He is aged to perfection!

    BTW, I’m a long-time reader of your blog in Logan Square. I’m a Southerner by birth, but after nearly 20 years in Chicago I so appreciate living in the Midwest. It’s such an under-rated place, and your blog is such a wonderful love letter to it!

  5. Tamara- Sorry! (no i’m not)
    Ash- I love you!
    Lara- That is a really nice note to read, thanks for taking the time. I understand your skepticism over the Rich bros, and I agree that Monty is the ULTIMATE. But I think you will be swayed. Try! They’re just so beautiful!

  6. Your blog is the best blog. FIN.


  8. I hadn’t heard of either of these shows but they sound positively scrumptious! So excited to tuck into them asap. :)

  9. Just recently discovered the two brothers and they are drool worthy but since they are gardeners, even more so. How can two really hot guys be gardeners? It seldom happens around here! Back to the TV for another fix – gardening and otherwise. I have been a long time follower of your blog!

  10. Jan! Thanks for sticking with me. I know it gets weird sometimes.

  11. Shannon Murphy says:

    August 21st, 2019 at 1:29 pm

    The best thing about your blog is that it gets weird sometimes. It’s like when my BFF from my 20s texts me randomly for the first time in 6 months to tell me something essential and hilarious.

  12. catchicago says:

    August 21st, 2019 at 2:17 pm

    I think I stopped breathing during the photo reveal of the Rich Brothers.They are a far far cry from the lawn and garden tenders of my Midwestern suburban childhood…and unlike our neighbor Mr. Weber doesn’t seem like these two would call the police on account of a stray ball or two venturing into their gardens…also not a euphemism. Tim your posts really never fail to make my day better. xxx

  13. I never knew I needed this blog post, but now I don’t know how I did without it. I feel like British garden tv is essential cross training to American baking recipes. You are the Best writer.

  14. I feel like I can’t even look at those photos on the screen. Wow.

  15. I wondered how long it would be before America found Monty Don. I somehow found Gardener’s World on YouTube many years ago & have been smitten ever since. Nothing beats watching him hand weave his wooden fences. Love him now, but also fun to watch the early years. All kidding aside, I learned everything I know about gardening without going broke from Monty & the gang.
    I first saw the Rich Brothers when they designed at Chelsea a couple of years ago & I have seen their show, dreamy.
    I like to believe that all three seem oblivious to their looks or their charm. They often appear with frayed collars & stretched out clothes. I hope that doesn’t change if America gets a hold of them.

  16. Gosh I love this and gosh those boys are attractive.

  17. Mliss- I think all three of them are very aware of their looks and their charms and cultivate them purposefully (one look at the Rich Bros Instagram will confirm that!). But don’t worry, I think we are pretty far away from the States discovering them in any real way. They will safely weave their fences in peace for now. ; )

  18. I’m a Penn State Master Gardener and never heard of these guys, or show, until now. Looks like I’ll have to stop digging in the dirt for a while and watch TV.

  19. Darn…I suspect that you have just opened a very long rabbit hole, as I love gardening and British television and, yeah, they’re all pretty cute.

  20. I’ve been reading on and off for years (especially since I live in Chicago too) and gosh, thanks for the intro to Monty Don. I was telling friends to watch the show but had forgotten my source and was so happy to stumble on this and remember it was you. Thanks, dude.

  21. Let us not forget the other gorgeous British gardener & keeper of chickens, Arthur Parkinson.

  22. Matthew Wencl says:

    August 22nd, 2019 at 7:44 pm

    As I so often say, when I read your blog, “YUM.” ;)

  23. I am HERE for that prophecy joke! Just had to read to my husband, over dinner, out at a restaurant. Thanks for the laughs!

  24. Heather Quintal says:

    September 7th, 2019 at 12:17 pm

    Oh – if you haven’t already please watch Monty Don’s French Gardens – it’s the best. The best! The Italian one is also quite good! Both in Netflix!

    Monty is the salve we need during these troubled times. <3

  25. I totally love everything about this post!!!

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