Lottie + Doof Gift Guide 2022

Adult Bib

My main advice this year is to shop Gohar World. Because no place online has a better selection of frivolously wonderful things. Like these adult bibs, which are as unnecessary as they are beautiful—my definition of the perfect gift. The packaging from Gohar World is almost as beautiful and thoughtful as the products, which adds to the fun. Get on board the Gohar World train! 

Portrait Commissions from Christopher Gee

Christopher Gee paints brilliantly moody portraits of people, pets, or places starting at around £200, which is a lot of money for something but not for this. Hopefully he raises his prices, but not until after you order yours. 

Tortilla Press

I want to tell you I am obsessed with this tortilla press without using the word obsessed. This thing is a work of art. It is fun to use and I am convinced it has improved my tortilla-making even if I do still curse a lot.

Perfumer H Candles

I seem to be incapable of writing a gift guide without including Perfumer H, my favorite London perfume shop. But this year I am primarily here to tell you that they are now selling less-expensive versions of their scents and candles. They forgo the beautiful hand blown glass vessels for mass-produced—but surely the smell’s the thing! And the hay candle they created in collaboration with Osip restaurant is really wonderful. 

Rodeo T-Shirt

A good t-shirt. Clever. Well-designed.

Coupe Glasses

When we were in New Orleans earlier this year our hotel bar had these coupes, which I fell in love with and ordered before we even got home. They are a statement. They are from a company called LSA, which at the time we drunkenly remembered as there’s no I in Lisa and found very funny. Sorry. 

One of These Things

Originally designed for serving little pastries at tea (I think?), if you search for “antique silver folding server” on eBay or Etsy you’ll find some. They’re so cool! And for those of us in small spaces fold for easy and chic storage—like Grace Kelly’s bag in Rear Window

Mesh Tank Top

Was this my version of buying my spouse lingerie? A gift for Bryan that was really for me? A cotton mesh gardening tank from the wonderful Gardenheir, which if you don’t already know about need to go check out because it is a gift-givers paradise. 


This wasn’t even my gift. Our friend Molly, who gives the best gifts, gave Bryan a bag of these licorice and raspberry gummy candies and I still haven’t gotten over how much I love them. They taste like a dessert on the tasting menu at some kind of new-Nordic place. But they’re just gummy candies! Big fan. 

Sophie Buhai Bracelet

I treated myself to a bracelet from Sophie Buhai’s “men’s” collection and enjoyed wearing it all summer. As someone who has been jewelry-adverse for my entire life (even my wedding ring was an adjustment!), I am now jewelry-curious. Maybe by next year I will be writing this guide dripping in jewels. But regardless of my own issues, this bracelet is very beautiful. 

David Mellor Steak Knives

I read something like 37 articles about steak knives when trying to decide what kind we should get. They didn’t help. Trying to find a form/function balance was tough. But we love these beauties from David Mellor which are satisfying to hold, cut well, and are good-looking.  

Desperate Characters by Paula Fox

I have a bookclub that has only ever met once and that meeting was over a year ago. This might lead you to believe that the club is a failure or inactive. But you’d be wrong. I was just waiting for the right book to call a second meeting. I found it in Paula Fox’s 1970 novel, Desperate Characters. It was my favorite thing I read this year and I am really excited to talk about it with my people! (Hi FFs!) But this is great choice for book friends who might have missed this one, there is a lot to process. 

Butter Molds

Imagine arriving at a party with a tiny butter sculpture? Imagine how much everyone would love you and how much attention you would get. That was my move all summer. I’ve been making them using silicone molds (the food-safe kind you might but for candy or candle making) and I suggest you do too. Big fan of this corn mold which makes for a stunning and surreal platter of corn-on-the-cob.

Middle English Shoes by Aurora Shoe Co.

I call these my monk shoes and I love them. So comfortable and somehow like an even crunchier version of Birkenstocks. You trace your feet and send the tracings to the company who then match your foot with a shoe—it is charmingly old-school and/or kinky. 

How to Live with Objects

I have read Sight Unseen regularly for many years, and this year they released their first book. It is so good. Like, really good. A guide to thinking about and living with objects and how they define us and our personal spaces. I feel seen! 

Diaspora Madhur Jaggery

Jaggery is an unrefined sugar made from sugarcane juice, and this version from Diaspora is especially nice given the care with which it is sourced. A great way for bakers to add some additional flavor to things like cakes and buttercreams, or a mug of chai.

Bobbin Frame

This bobbin frame from Bertola Home Studio is a delight. Comes in a bunch of great colors. I can imagine it at home at Charleston


Some Cookbooks

Ballymaloe Desserts is lovely and elegant and makes me want a trifle bowl. New European Baking was the book that had me most excited to get in the kitchen and bake. The British Cookbook is VAST and so fun to read. And two of my favorite things I baked this year were from La Vita e Dolce. A very European foursome.


Somewhere between chili crisp and salsa macha is Onino. Great for those of us that like some texture. Learned about this gem from the new (wonderful) bakery in town, Broken Tart, who ingeniously includes it on a biscuit sandwich. 


But wait! There’s more! For the first time, I am coming back tomorrow with a very special BONUS gift guide. A special surprise I have been cooking up for a while…

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  1. Amazing curation! I love the bit about remembering LSA, ha. I’m looking forward to reading the next Gift Guide! Thank you for sharing, you have exquisite taste.

  2. I am waiting for Tim’s gift guides every year! This man is so stylish and talented. I wish he would open his own store. I would buy everything in it.

  3. I always look forward to your Gift Guides. And let me second your Aurora Shoe Company reco – I’ve had their sandals for 10+ years and send them back to get re-soled. Truly amazing shoes that get even better over time.

  4. Last night I was wishing for your gift guide, and I got it today! I love it so much (I need those shoes for myself, and ALL the bobbin frames—they’re all sold out, so I’ll have to be patient). Can’t wait to come back tomorrow for your special surprise bonus guide.

  5. A new post ! yey !!
    Wondering what you are cooking these cold , cold days …
    Spending the evening making fresh pasta for tomorrow’s lunch while listening to milk street’s episode on julia child . please check it out , it’s delightful and hilarious at the same time

  6. I’m just so crazy about these lists – always, always look forward to them, and each item more perfect than the last. Thank you!

  7. These lists are always a treat. Gotta get some of those mash-up candies stat. And we’ve had a set of those David Mellior knives for years, they are wonderful.

  8. That tortilla press will be coming to my house very soon.

  9. Rachel Le Roux says:

    December 3rd, 2022 at 10:06 pm

    Hi! A couple years ago you listed the lottie + food xmas spotify playlist on your gift guide. it has become one of my favorite things about the season, and i’m mostly a bit of a grinch… thank you and happy holidays!

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