A Muffin Cult

It is important for you to know about this bran muffin recipe that was making the rounds a few weeks ago on Instagram. I learned about it from Hailey who learned about it from Camilla. But the origin of the recipe is here.

I don’t know that I have ever had a strong opinion on bran muffins. But Bryan loves them and I have been thinking I would like a reliable recipe. I’m in love with these beauties and if you are at all curious I implore you to give them a try. The real genius of this recipe is that you mix up a batch of the batter and it sits in the fridge for up to two weeks. You can then bake a couple of muffins every morning which means all of your bran muffins are fresh from the oven. It becomes a lifestyle, really. Slathering salted butter on a warm muffin is now just who I am.

A couple of notes: The batter needs to rest for at least one night in the fridge so the oats can soften. Don’t bake them too soon or you’ll be disappointed. You can add raisins or currants. I like them better without (they pushed this a little too sweet and fruity for me), but Bryan did like them that way. I strongly recommend you try the recipe as written the first time you make them. The recipe makes A LOT of muffins. 36? So I make a half batch, the recipe easily divides in two. I found my muffins were done in 18 minutes in a standard sized muffin tin, but look for the visual clues described in the recipe. This recipe is a keeper.

Some other recipes of note:

We made these meatballs from the NYTimes and I think they might be what I make from here on out. The recipe has you poach the meatballs in the sauce and it helped me realize I don’t really care about browning my meatballs. It isn’t important to me, and it is so much easier to not do it. Anyway, these taste like what you would get at a good Italian-American restaurant and really I have no notes. It’s the perfect meatball recipe.

I am a big fan of this quick focaccia and I make it all of the time. It is ready in about 2 hours and super easy to make. I have only used the stand mixer method so I can’t speak to the food processor, and I always bake in a quarter sheet tray. I tried it once in a 9×13 cake pan and I didn’t like it as much. It browned less well and was a bit thinner. Anyway, this is a great workhorse of a focaccia and makes incredible sandwiches. It was actually published in relation to a mortadella and ricotta sandwich that is fantastic, but it is great with the above meatballs (add mozz, parm, and hot giardiniera and broil!). This isn’t a sexy bubbly focaccia that you will post on Insta, but it really does the job.

And related to quick doughs, I have been using this pizza dough recipe a lot recently. It is reliable and can be ready by dinner when you think of it that morning (or afternoon—eeks!). I know you can age dough and do all sorts of things to improve it. But these days I am more often interested in the quickest path to dinner.


Unrelated to any of that, I finally updated my Chicago Guide. Linked in the menu over on the left.

Hope all is well where you are.





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  1. Thank you! And just sent your updated guide to someone I know moving from CA to Chicago this month.

  2. Thanks!

  3. My mom never made meatballs as I was growing up, it was always a meat sauce because it was less fussy. I just made the meatballs tonight and my husband and I loved them. Commercial meatballs are so dense and these are so light. We are picking up good rolls on the way home from work and provolone and we will have a meatball subs tomorrow night. Thank you for the recommendation!

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