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17 comments to “Recent Acquisitions: The Long, Hot, Summer Edition”

  1. Today felt like summer was hanging on for a while, at least. Thanks for giving me some reasons to still enjoy a season that is not my favorite. Beautiful photos, as usual, and lovely finds as well! Thanks, Tim!

  2. Plum caramel sounds divine – I doubt I will find any here in NZ though – does it have a list of ingredients on the jar? I would love to try making some.

  3. I am in love with those napkins! great score…

  4. thanks tim…my search is over & you made it happen!!
    going to order the fruit baskets asap…

  5. can’t tell you how much i enjoy your lists, but i was bummed to not see those napkins on the west elm website! they are perfect. happy almost autumn :)

  6. Too cool for school, Tim. Love your finds. Will you be my “life editor??” Your eye and sense of style is divine.

  7. Hi Joe- You can order the confitures online, although I guess they might not ship outside of the US. The jar lists lemon, evaporated sugar cane juice and plums.

    Sarah- I was surprised that the napkins weren’t online. I would just call one of the stores and ask if they can ship them.

    Pam- thanks! you are sweet.

  8. I love your round up! Those napkins look amazing and I wish there was a West Elm in Canada (or that they shipped here) and I’m definitely on the look out for sunflower sprouts. Thanks Tim!

  9. kickpleat…there is a West Elm in Toronto if you are around there…I was soooo excited to see it the last time I was visiting…but no Canadian delivery as you said. And If you DO visit the West Elm in the T-dot…you must have brunch at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen just across the way…outstanding brunch fare and one of the most gorgeous restaurants ever!!
    LOVE your taste here at L&D…great picks!

  10. Frightened, Tim, in that we have some major similarities in recent acquisitions. I’m a huge June Taylor fan, have these exact napkins and have been using sunflower sprouts in salads and sandwiches lately. One thing I haven’t been introduced to is Simon Hopkinson’s book. Looks rad. Kind of has that hold-timey feel that the new River Cottage books are going for. I like it.

  11. Plum caramel sounds fantastic :) And I love those fruit baskets.

  12. I love the fruit baskets! They are beautiful.

  13. that plate is gorgeous!

  14. west elm has those napkins online now!


  15. Thanks, Meg! Good find.

  16. I have (and love) those napkins. The variety is so great for dinner parties (and food staging).

    PS – are you getting tired of moderating my comments yet? I’m getting tired of not being able to hit the little X at the top of my browser. You have quite the addictive site, sir.