Recent Acquisitions: The Long, Hot, Summer Edition

Sunflower Sprouts

I first had these at Frontera Grill in Chicago and instantly fell in love. Sprouts in general are delicious but the flavor of sunflower sprouts is particularly delicious. Worth tracking down. They are as pretty as they are delicious.

These Striped Napkins

Came across these at West Elm recently, they were exactly what I was looking for in an everyday napkin.

Plum Caramel by Flora Confections

A favorite vendor from Green City Market, this plum caramel confiture is so incredible. I would gladly eat it by the spoonful for dessert. It is incredible on top of vanilla ice cream. Go get some!

DIY Heirlooms

Why wait to inherit family heirlooms? Go buy them yourself. Summer is antique market season and I love shopping around looking for beautiful kitchen plates and serving pieces. Find a treasure, make a deal.

Rose Geranium Syrup

Add some to sparkling water, whipped cream, whatever you like. Another great product from June Taylor.

Fruit Baskets

I know these things are everywhere, but I love them. Your favorite fruit baskets transformed into beautiful porcelain objects. They still work great for holding fruit but are also nice as sculptures.

The Vegetarian Option

I keep talking this cookbook up. I really love it. Everything from its weird design (it looks like it is from another time, or something) to the fabulous assortment of vegetarian recipes.

Thermal Pot

I still can’t believe this thing was only $8 over at IKEA. Such good design—just odd enough.

Happy summer everyone!

17 comments to “Recent Acquisitions: The Long, Hot, Summer Edition”

  1. Today felt like summer was hanging on for a while, at least. Thanks for giving me some reasons to still enjoy a season that is not my favorite. Beautiful photos, as usual, and lovely finds as well! Thanks, Tim!

  2. Plum caramel sounds divine – I doubt I will find any here in NZ though – does it have a list of ingredients on the jar? I would love to try making some.

  3. I am in love with those napkins! great score…

  4. thanks tim…my search is over & you made it happen!!
    going to order the fruit baskets asap…

  5. can’t tell you how much i enjoy your lists, but i was bummed to not see those napkins on the west elm website! they are perfect. happy almost autumn :)

  6. Too cool for school, Tim. Love your finds. Will you be my “life editor??” Your eye and sense of style is divine.

  7. Hi Joe- You can order the confitures online, although I guess they might not ship outside of the US. The jar lists lemon, evaporated sugar cane juice and plums.

    Sarah- I was surprised that the napkins weren’t online. I would just call one of the stores and ask if they can ship them.

    Pam- thanks! you are sweet.

  8. I love your round up! Those napkins look amazing and I wish there was a West Elm in Canada (or that they shipped here) and I’m definitely on the look out for sunflower sprouts. Thanks Tim!

  9. kickpleat…there is a West Elm in Toronto if you are around there…I was soooo excited to see it the last time I was visiting…but no Canadian delivery as you said. And If you DO visit the West Elm in the T-dot…you must have brunch at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen just across the way…outstanding brunch fare and one of the most gorgeous restaurants ever!!
    LOVE your taste here at L&D…great picks!

  10. Frightened, Tim, in that we have some major similarities in recent acquisitions. I’m a huge June Taylor fan, have these exact napkins and have been using sunflower sprouts in salads and sandwiches lately. One thing I haven’t been introduced to is Simon Hopkinson’s book. Looks rad. Kind of has that hold-timey feel that the new River Cottage books are going for. I like it.

  11. Plum caramel sounds fantastic :) And I love those fruit baskets.

  12. I love the fruit baskets! They are beautiful.

  13. that plate is gorgeous!

  14. west elm has those napkins online now!|napkins|9|best|0|1|24||8&sku=2279339&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Common%20Top%20Wide%20Rule%20What%27s%20New

  15. Thanks, Meg! Good find.

  16. I have (and love) those napkins. The variety is so great for dinner parties (and food staging).

    PS – are you getting tired of moderating my comments yet? I’m getting tired of not being able to hit the little X at the top of my browser. You have quite the addictive site, sir.

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