Day 7: Katie and Cherry, Pistachio, + Oatmeal Cookies

Today, you go on an adventure.

Katie has been my dearest friend for most of my life. She pops up on the blog every once in a while in stories (and sometimes pictures). She is the coolest person ever. She has taught in Chicago Public Schools for the past ten years, which leaves me in awe of both her and her commitment to educating young people. Katie is also one of my favorite writers. Writing comes more naturally to her than to anyone I have ever met. It is a real gift. She recently started an awesome blog which she hasn’t been sharing with anyone. That seems like a shame and so I want to help change that today.

It is called The Fundmentalist, and is her space for trying to figure out the things she doesn’t understand in this world, fundamentals that she somehow missed. The list is diverse and includes things such as sponges, Madeline Albright and the G-spot. Each post brilliantly written and each topic explored through a range of methods—interviews, experiments, musical numbers. As usual, I am totally impressed, my favorite post, so far, is this one.

One of the items on her list was cookies. She had never made cookies, and so she asked for my help. I’ll let her tell you the rest and share a recipe for some very tasty Cherry, Pistachio and Oatmeal cookies that we baked together a couple of weeks ago.

Post and Recipe HERE. See you back here tomorrow! Say hi to Katie for me. ; )


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8 comments to “Day 7: Katie and Cherry, Pistachio, + Oatmeal Cookies”

  1. Seriously, what a cool idea for a blog! Thanks for sharing that :)

  2. …Wow. She’s awesome. I believe I found yet another blog to follow. :o)

    …And these cookies sound and look delish’! I will make these before Christmas, I know that. And yeah, wanna make someone’s day? Give ’em a cookie. Easy peasy. ;o)

    …Thank you for the introduction to another awesome person and for the recipe too!

    …Blessings :o)

  3. these look really lovely.
    pistachios are my favourite nut, i’ve never thought about putting them in cookies. katie’s blog is great!

  4. Wow. The Fundamentalist might be my new fave blog. Thanks for sharing Katie with us!

  5. I will echo the thanks for introducing us to Katie’s writing!

    As a Chicagoan, aspiring teacher, and lover of exploring new and random topics, I am 100% certain I will LOVE the Fundamentalist.

    Thanks again!

  6. I love dried cherries in cookies…..these look soooooo good!

  7. My cookies although delicious were chewy, toffee like, is that right?

  8. Hi Ann: Hmm. Ours weren’t chewy like that. I wonder what happened? Ours were a fairly standard cookie texture.

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